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Thanks for ‘Visiting and Stopping by’ ‘At My Website’, The Website would put you on a Path of Complete Health & Wellness. The Aim of the Website is to Make You-Your own Doctors, and be away from Doctors-Chemical Laden Medicines-With Mostly Toxic Side-Effects.  

The Attitude and Aptitude:
Most Say: If any-one can do, why should I do?! If no-one can do, what Can I Do?!
I Say:If any-one can do, I can do! If no-one can do, I Must Do ?!!!

Yes friends, a Positive Attitude, Open Mindedness, and a bit of Aptitude is all that is required to become our own doctors…Do read ‘The Website’ with an open mind! Do proceed Down the Page, and see for yourself 'The Testimonies', as to how The Project has benefited many... 

Brief Overview on what is covered in this website (Navigating The Website), such as to fulfil the Requirements of Three Sides of a Triangle (Block Entry of Bio-Toxins to Body; Eliminate Bio-Toxins; Increase Subtle-Physical Powers), and much more...

The Website Layout:

  1. Firstly About Project, where I have talked about myself (A Run-Down on My Life-Career), 'Objective of This Whole Project-Website' & Proofs for 'Cures of My Medical Miseries!'.                                                                                           
  2. The Category Lifestyle and Eating Habits, Lists Many (25+) of the "Natural Eating Habits - All Myths Cleared".                                                                           
  3. The Category “Cures for Ailments” has various Sub-Categories:
  1. Category Herbs-Other Articles” has Sub-Categories Ayurvedic Herbs (Herbs-General Info, Kitchen HerbsMedicinal Herbs & Ayurvedic Formulationsand Other Consumables General InfoSeeds & OilsFruits & Assorted Articles).
  1. The Category Ayurveda for Layman, covers, in Layman Terms, “Basics”, “Doshas, Dhatus and Tastes, “Nourishing-Alleviating Doshas”, “Human Body and Disease”, “Purification Therapies”.
  1. The Category "Health Related Relevant Topics" Has Various Very useful Sub-Categories such as :
  • The pH Concept - What is it - The Acidic-Alkaline Stuff,
  • Alternative Medicinal Cures: Posts on 'Colloidal Silver', Baking Soda (Bio-Tech Grade) & H2O2 (Various Concentrations). The Exact Manufacturing Procedure has been researched & Applied,
  • The Body Nutrients: Comprehensive Detailed Posts on Macro-Nutrients (‘Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats’), Micro-Nutrients {(Vitamins [Water-Based & Fat-Based] & Minerals [Macro, Micro & Trace Elements]. All Elements (Under Minerals) have been covered via Separate Posts} & "Other Trace Nutrients".
  • The Beautification Zone: Covers Males-Females Hair Related Problems, and Finally, 
  1. Our Health Kit.

May we all have a Happy, Healthy and Divine Life. God Bless Us All!


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