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Thanks for ‘Visiting and Stopping by’ ‘At My Website’, The Website would put you on a Path of Complete Health & Wellness. The Aim of the Website is to Make You-Your own Doctors, and be away from Doctors-Chemical Laden Medicines-With Mostly Toxic Side-Effects.

The Attitude and Aptitude:

Most Say:

If any-one can do, why should I do?! If no-one can do, what Can I Do?!

I Say:

If any-one can do, I can do! If no-one can do, I Must Do!!!

Yes friends, a Positive Attitude, Open Mindedness, and a bit of Aptitude is all that is required to become our own doctors…Do read ‘The Website’ with an open mind!

Proceed Down the Page, and see for yourself as to what all (Few Examples) has been completely taken care of - controlled…

The Website Layout:

  1. Firstly About Me & Proofs for my vision cure (Under ‘About’), where I have talked about myself (In Short) & Proofs of Getting My Vision ‘Right to Normalcy’, after having lost 50+ % of my Vision, all due “Ayurveda (Lifestyle-Eating Habits-Herbs)”, “Breathing Exercises”, “Yoga”, & Meditation.

Please Understand, I still need to wear glasses, as The Cataract Operation has had me with A Plastic IOL (With Power), for which the corrective glasses have to be worne!

  1. The Category Lifestyle and Eating Habits, lists many of the ‘Natural Eating Habits’.
  1. The Category “Cures for Ailmentshas various Sub-Categories:
  1. The Category “Herbs-Other Articles, which covers Topics such as Ayurvedic Herbs (Various Sub-Sub Categories – Kitchen-Medicinal Herbs-Herbal Formulations)”, and Other Consumables (Various Sub-Sub Categories – Oils, Fruits, Minerals…”.
  1. The Category Ayurveda for Layman, covers, in Layman Terms, “The Basics, Understanding Doshas, Dhatus and Tastes, “Nourishing and Alleviating Doshas”, “Human Body and Disease”, Purification Therapies”.
  1. Health Related Relevant Topics: Meaning of pH Value, pH and Our Body, Acidic and Alkaline Diet (Keep Balance). 

May we all have a Happy, Healthy and Divine Life. God Bless Us All!


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