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A Fighter

Present Status: Working as a faculty in a Merchant Naval College. Quit sailing, actually forced to quit sailing, due vision problems. Passed out 12th (Higher secondary) in 1991, wished to join IIT, realised conditions won’t allow me to do so, and decided to join merchant navy, only carrier which would enable me to start generating revenue in short span of time. My vision power at that time was -3 (Negative 3, spherical) in both eyes. Went to various so called specialists – Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathic and what not. The charges were maddening, and could not get rid of the spectacles and finally got operated for spectacles – The Radial Keratotomy, after doctor/s assured that everything would be fine! THIS TRAUMA WAS TO STAY FOR THE COMING 18-20 YEARS OF MY LIFE!

The operation were not successful, as in many cases, and side-effect of some medicine, led to CATARACT. Got my eyes operated for Cataract, The IOL Transplant, where they change the Intra Ocular Lens of the eyes with the plastic lenses, which almost always have an inherent power, to rid the patients of glasses, which again almost never is the case.

Anyway, this was followed by the operation for ‘After Cataract’, a removal of membrane which gets formed after the operation of Cataract, by using a ‘Yag Laser’ machine.

All this also of no avail, and finally Had To Quit Sailing in 2009, joined as a faculty in a merchant naval college in 2012.

The hope of something special came in year 2010 end, when incidentally, I came across few terminally ill chronic cases (Cancer, Deafness for Years, Chronic Cough, Diabetes etc.) getting cured, after the guys/patients have had spent months in The Expensive Ayurvedic Ashrams. These ashrams are mostly much beyond the reach of many of us Normal People living Normal lives, earning Normal Money.

A Bitter Fact: Me & My Dad, did the same Pranayama, as is and was taught on TV, for a decade. His Blood Cholesterol/BP finally turned onto Diabetes and Multi Organ failure, and I finally lost my job in early 2009. The Jolt, along with fact that dreaded diseases are being cured in Expensive Ashrams, PUT ME ON A PATH TO KNOW ALL WHAT GOES ON THE ASHRAMS!

I Decided To Do Something about It (Study-Else What!).

Dedicated studies on Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, finally started startling me when my vision got restored to 6/6, 6/5 and 6/4 eventually, after applying the knowhow on myself, for just a few months! Also, the Depression & Palpitations, from which I was suffering for years, got cured! “A Fighter – By Birth”.

Now, this (Ayurveda & Yoga) is huge topic, and there are no shortcuts in life. I shall provide, whatever is within my capacity, all the scientific explanation, as to why and how these changes have helped me and will surely help all of you.

Finally, I must State, that I am ready to stand any test, by any doctor or medical fraternity, if they do wish to challenge this statement of mine, that indeed my Vision, Depression and Palpitation stand cured!

Over the span of past 3-4 years, as I researched through the innumerable scriptures, books, I have also attained the following certifications:

  1. ‘Food And Nutrition’, Certified by National Institute for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, Ministry of Skill Development, Govt. of India;
  2. The Mastery of Yoga Teacher’s Training Program’ , Certified By Yoga Guru, Anmol Mehta, and
  3. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant’ , Certified by American Institute of Vedic Studies.

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