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About Me:                                                                                                                                                                 A Never Say Die Spirited Guy, Workaholic, Born Book-Worm, A Researcher by Nature.                           Brief run down on My Life-Carrier:                                                                                                                   Profession: Faculty at Merchant Naval College (A Means of Earning);                                                                 Passion: Aim for a Healthy Society by Way of Education (Clear The Myths & Alter Eating Habits-Lifestyle by means of Scientific Explanation).                                                                                                                                       A Brief Rundown:

  • Class 9th – 12th: Studied for IIT;
  • Beginning 1991: Passed 12th, gave up IIT Dreams, Only Visible Career which may provide Support in Short Span of Time (Then…) was Merchant Navy; Spectacle Power at That Juncture was (-3) in each eyes;
  • 1992: Eyes Operation (Radial Keratotomy);
  • 1993-2009: Radial Keratotomy => Cataract (IOL Changed) => After-Cataract; Finally left Shipping in 2009 when Practically Blind;
  • 2010: Saw Particular Political Party Leaders visiting Ayurvedic Ashrams!!! Met few cases/persons claiming that they recovered from Chronic Ailments at Ayurvedic Ashrams!!! Also, went on searching spree, saw Millions Testimonies claiming cures of Chronic-Terminal Ailments via Alternative Therapies (Including Ayurveda);
  • 2009-2012: Taught Tuitions!! Even after having experienced-seen amazing cures via Alternative Therapies, They would have been (or were) out of my reach even in My Dreams;                                                                       This Prompted me to Know-Study what is to be Known-Studied in Medicinal Sciences!! Real Leo-Mad I was! (But I am Proud Today, I did Commence That Journey!);
  • Early 2011: Commenced Studying of Ancient-Modern Medicinal Sciences (Ayurveda-Yoga-Pranayama-Meditation-Modern Medicinal Sciences (Detailed Studies on Nutrition, Human Processes and more…), and moved on from A Blog-Spot => A Website + A Face-Book Page + A You-Tube Channel + Worked/Working on Few Awesome Products (Part of My First Aid Kit) in a Small Laboratory at Home (My self-Research centre) & Pitching to Launch My Company with Specific Products (Colloids, Few Organic Products & More);
  • End 2014: Vision Completely Cured, Severe Depression-Suicidal Tendencies Completely Cured, Haemorrhoids Completely Cured…                                                                                                                       Actually, Vision reached much more than Normal at One Time (! 6/4, which Ophthalmologist Refused to Mention, as He is not Authorised for Same! Also, Note I still wear Glasses, as IOL Implanted in my Eyes has Power and Hence Corrective Glasses have to be worne in front of the eyes))                                   I am Ready to Stand any Test, by any Doctor-Medical Fraternity a regards to cure of my Vision, Depression-Palpitations-Anxiety & Haemorrhoids.

My Certifications:

  1. Food and Nutrition, By National Institute for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, Ministry of Skill Development, Govt. of India;
  2. The Mastery of Yoga Teacher’s Training Program, By Yoga Guru, Anmol Mehta &
  3. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant’, By American Institute of Vedic Studies.

About The Website:                                                                                                                                                 Simply to share with the world My Knowledge on Ancient & Modern Medicinal System, Secrets kept so dearly with Medical Fraternity. The Website presents The “Synchronised Understanding of The Ancient Medical Sciences & The Modern Sciences”.                                                                                                                               ‘The Home Page’ itself provides a detailed overview about what all is covered-explained in this website.                   My Strong Belief is that much of this information, if taught in Schools and Colleges of India, would do our Society a Lot of Good, and would go a long way in reducing our Government’s Medical Budget. Believe me this is not going to be happening anytime soon (if ever!) so we might as well ourselves start taking charge of our Health & Life. 

Vision Cure Proofs:                                                                                                                                                   The First Eye Test done with An Ophthalmologist in November 2014. Notice The Vision 6/6!

Titan Eye, where I got my First Eye Test Done, after Two Decades!

The Shocking Result after First Test! Vision 6/6, from Previous Approximate 6/12, which was so for years.
The Shocking Result after First Test! Vision 6/6.




Second Eye Test done with An Ophthalmologist in May 2015. Notice The Vision 6/5!

The Second Eye Test Done here, after I experienced even more brightness in my Eyes!

The Second Eye Test Result - Please Notice The vision 6/5!

So next time you are told that there is No Chance! And you are required to take Medical Assistance for whole of your life!! Please do not accept it at Face Value!                                                                                 I was Advised Surgery is the only Option for My Haemorrhoids and that Throughout my life I must take Medicines for My Anxiety & Depression! And That I would never be able to have a Perfect Vision!!   

Read, Learn, Benefit, Enjoy, and God Bless!                                                                                                   Stay Healthy Till 70!…and Forever

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