About This Website

Purpose of This Website - A Divine Life

The purpose of this website Your Website is to help you learn about your own self, and live a healthy life, Physically & Mentally, at peace. The effort is to enable you know the various aspects of your physical body, including the subtle connection of your/our body with the divine (The Breath you take, Your Heart Beat). Finally, to let you know all about The Teachings of Ayurveda (In Simple Terms), Yoga, Pranayama (The Breathing Exercises), and The Meditational Techniques, which actually was invented by our Rishis (Scientists), for The Humanity, but which, so unfortunately, has stayed away from the masses for so long.

Though, we can’t change the course of action of our destiny, but we do have our free will, given to us by the Almighty, and the huge knowledge on leading our life by way of Vedic, Ayurvedic and Other Ancient Scriptures, which have an ocean of knowledge, and may guide us live a much better quality of life, than we are presently living.

My Strong Belief is that much of this information, if taught in Schools and Colleges of India, would do our Society a Lot of Good, and would go a long way in reducing our Government’s Medical Budget. 

Now, in brief what I wish to present in this website (I am only able to provide very cursory list here):

  • Changes required in Modern day Lifestyle and eating Habits,
  • Understanding Ayurveda (In easy Layman’s terms),
  • Handling and curing many of often encountered Ailments,
  • Ayurvedic spices and Herbs,
  • Miscellaneous Relevant Topics (Concept of pH Value, Homeopathic Tinctures…),
  • Yoga, Pranayama & meditation,


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