Amazing Benefits of Sesame (Black) Oil

Sesame Seeds - Go For Black Sesame Oil - If Available
Black Sesame Seeds Oil (Sesame, Sesamum Indicum, काले तिल का तेल):

Seed, Oil or Leaves are used for Healing. They come in various colours, depending on which variety they are, and may be White, Yellow, Black… The Black Til Oil is best for Healing. Available throughout India, and grows in the form of a small Bush.

It may be used (Internally & externally) as Oil, Paste, Decoction, Poultice, Powder, Nasal Therapy, Enema and more. Regular application externally and regular consumption in our food, stimulates the body metabolism and moves the body toxins to ‘The Inner Pathway’ of Diseases, to be eliminated from the system. 

Properties: It is Bitter and Sweet in Taste. Virya is Hot and Vipaka is Sweet. V- PK+ It is a Sattvic Herb. It is Heavy, Sukshma (Enters Deeper Layers of Tissues) and Tikshna (Piercing-Penetrating).

Bio-Chemically: The Black Sesame Seeds Oil are a Rich source of Calcium (Nutrients Assimilation of Nutrients/Anti Spasmodic), Copper (Provides Optimum Nerve Force to the body), Iron, Magnesium (Combats Diabetes, Anti-Spasmodic), Manganese, Iron (Anaemia), Phosphorous, Selenium and Zinc (Provides Bone Density/Health). It also is a rich source of Proteins, Dietary Fibres and Vitamin A, B-Complex (Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin-B1 is Nervine) and E. Also, this is a good source of an Amino Acid Methionine. Sesame Seeds have Beneficial Fibres and go a long way in Reducing the Bad Blood Cholesterol. It is mostly composed of Un-saturated fatty Acids (Including Omega-3, 6 & 9), which have immense Blood-Cleaning Properties. It has high percentage of Linoleic Acid which has Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties. The Researches have also shown it to have anti-cancer cells, and have been found to restrict the Growth of Malignant Cancer/Tumour Cells.

Medicinally: Black Sesame Seeds Oil is a strong Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Inflammatory agent. It Cleanse Blood, is an Anti-Oxidant, Removes Free radicals From Body and Lowers Bad Blood Cholesterol. 

Few Medicinal Uses of Black Sesame Seeds Oil:
  • Best Oil for Full Body Massage: It is easily absorbable (Actually highly absorbable, and has soothing-Healing effects even on the deeper skin layers) and is helpful in controlling and curing many skin ailments, including Eczema and Psoriasis.

A Strong Swedana Therapy after Oil Massage, removes the toxins, even from the deeper layers of the skin and throws it out from the body in the form of the sweat. This also improves the body strength and vigour. Add Ginger to the oil to stimulate a better blood circulation.

  • Arthritis: Full Body massage followed by Strong Swedana Therapy. If formed a part of our regular diet, it is helpful in even Muscle Spasms (Sciatica, Dysmenorrhoea (Painful menstruation), Joint Pains, Colic and Backache,
  • Mild massage: It helps cater to exposure to Wind and Sun,
  • Head Massage: It is very helpful in getting rid of dry skin and Dandruff. This also stimulates Hair Growth (Prevention against Hair Thinning/Loss). The Head Massage also works as a Nervine.
  • Mild Facial Massage:

Tightens the skin and gives it a Natural Glow. Apply it on the Skin, Do a Mild Massage, let it be for 30 minutes, take a warm water bath. Do this often and you would soon have a glowing skin!

  • Mild Nostrils Massage: A Mild Massage in and around the nostrils provides protection against Viral and Bacterial Infections,
  • Renal problems: Cook your food only in Black sesame Oil,
  • Painful Discharge (Urethra or Vagina): Drink (Ingest) 2 teaspoons of Black sesame Oil twice a day.

Storage: If stored in a cool and dry place, in a dark bottle, in an air-tight bottle, without any direct contact with the sunlight, the oil would not get Rancid and may be easily stored for as long as 10-12 months.

Contra-Indications: In Excess, the consumption of sesame seeds may cause abortion in colon and absorb it. Also, in excess, it may vitiate Kapha and Pitta. Actually, after studies quite a few side effects have been studied due direct consumption of sesame seeds and hence direct consumption of raw seeds may best be limited to 1/3rd to ½ teaspoon. Use it in the oil form.

The best is to keep changing oils used for cooking between Mustard Oil (Kachcha Ghani) and Black sesame Oil (Kachcha Ghani). This practice may be followed for our regular cooking over prolonged periods of time. 

Other precaution is that ‘Abhyanga (Full Body massage) should not be done after the body has undergone Ayurvedic Purification Procedures, like Emesis, Purgation and Enema. Also, Abhyanga should be avoided in the initial stages of fever and while the person is suffering from indigestion.

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