Amazing Medicinal-Non-Medicinal Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide – H2O2

Medical Uses:
Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide (Mostly 3%):
  1. Wounds: We may use a dilute solution to disinfect small wounds.
  2. Fruits & Vegetables: Wash them in a Dilute Solution if Hydrogen Peroxide before finally Rinsing-Washing then and Using-Cooking them.
  3. Getting Rid of Plaque-Yellow Teeth: Add few drops of H2O2 (1% or more Dilute) to a thin solution of NaHCO3, and apply (gently massage) it on your teeth/gums, once or twice daily for few days. In case of Tooth Ache, simply hold 3% (or dilute) Hydrogen Peroxide in your mouth for few minutes.
  4. Suffering from Bad Breath / Mouth Infection: Rinse your Mouth with Dilute Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide Twice a Day.
  5. Acne/Pimples: Use a Very Dilute Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Face Rinse and get rid of your Acne/Pimples.
  6. Boils-Corns-Calluses-Foot Fungus-Dermal Parasites: Mix Drops of Hydrogen Peroxide to Warm Water (Let the Final Solution Be Not Very Dilute) and soak the affected parts.
  7. Common Cough & Cold – Ear Infections: Put 2 drops of 1% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution to each ear twice a day. This would clear out the Infection/s-Blockages in the ear. Also you may drink few drops of 3% Solution added to a cup of warm water.
  8. Sinusitis: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution further diluted with non-chlorinated water may be used as a nasal spray.
  9. Enema: Add-Mix around 10-15 mL (3%) Hydrogen Peroxide to ½ a Litre of Lukewarm water, and 200mL of this may be used to carry out Enema.
  10. Also very effective in Kapha Related Ailments such as LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, Diabetes and so on…
  11. Effective in Vata Related Ailments such as Arthritis, Migraines…

Internal Consumption (in Controlled-Diluted Concentrations only!) of Hydrogen Peroxide increases Oxygen content of Blood-Body Tissues. Hydrogen Peroxide aides in production-functioning of Thyroid Hormones, Increases Libido, aids to Glucose Utilisation in the body and thus helps keeping the Blood Sugar in control.

Chronic-Terminal-Often Dreaded Ailments: Due its ability to provide extra freely available oxygen to the body, it might be useful in dealing with ailments such as:

“Emphysema-Asthma-Other Lung Diseases”, “All forms of Cancer”, “Immune System Disorders”, “AIDS”, and so on…

Hydrogen Peroxide being used for these purposes also should not be more concentrated than 3-8% and even that should be diluted with (Pure Distilled) Water.

Non-Medical Uses:

  1. Clean Pathogen Breeding Grounds (Wood Corners): Add Vinegar to the H2O2 3% Solution (1:1), use chemical gloves and clean up such areas.
  2. Floor Tiles: pray it directly onto the Dirty Areas.
  3. Toilet Sink/Pot Stains: Just spray undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide onto the stained areas, let it soak for ½ an hour, rinse-wash the areas.
  4. Glass Surfaces: Spray Hydrogen Peroxide on Dirty Glass Surfaces, and wipe it away with a smooth cotton cloth.
  5. Bleaching-Whitening Agent: Soak your old-stained clothes for some time in Hydrogen Peroxide solution to get their whiteness back. Effective even in blood stains, but then use this only on white clothes. It may bleach the dark coloured clothes & Bleach Them!

Organic Farming:

  1. It is used in Organic farming as a Micro-biocide.
  2. Soaking Seeds: This removes fungal spores from seeds and also increases their germination rate. One reason why rain water stimulates plant growth is this: The falling rain water picks up an extra oxygen from the atmospheric ozone, and this extra oxygen is made available to the plants via falling rain (via formation of Hydrogen Peroxide).
Ways of Consuming Hydrogen Peroxide – H2O2:
  1. For Drinking Purposes, use 1-2 Drops of 3-8 % of Pure Food grade H2O2 Strength in Half a Glass of Water, Maximum thrice a day (Thus Keeping Total Consumption to 6 Drops a Day),
  2. H2O2 may also be consumed in one of the following ways:
  3. 1 drop (3%) added to a fresh glass of milk,
  4. 1 drop (3%) added to a fresh glass of Vegetable Juice (My Choice is cold Pressed carrot Juice),
  5. 1 drop (3%) added to a fresh glass of Fruit Juice (My Choice is simply adding a drop to Meshed Banana),
  6. Add 1-5 Drops (3%) to App. 250 mL Water for Enema Purposes,
  7. 5-1 % Conc. may be used to clean your face using cotton ball,
  8. Bad Breath & Other Oral Problems: Add 1-5 Drops 3% H2O2 to 20-50 mL water (Distilled) and swish it in your mouth for few minutes, gargle and spit it out,
  9. Severe Nasal Congestion: Add One Drop 3% to 10 mL of Distilled Water and put a drop of this in each nostril twice-thrice a day,
  10. Seed Sprouting: Add 10-30 mL 3% H2O2 to ½-1 Litre of Distilled Water and soak the seeds overnight.

Please understand this treatment may-must not be taken continuously over long periods of time and must be discontinued for few days after every week of treatment.

  1. It is a Strong Oxidiser and may cause Fire/Explosion (May Vitiate Pitta),
  2. Keep out of children,
  3. Label the containers/bottles in which H2O2 is being/to be kept,
  4. Harmful when swallowed in concentrated form (anything more than 1-3 % v/v Conc.), and may cause acute toxicity (Drink Large Amounts of Water),
  5. Any solution more than 1% w/w concentrated must be diluted whenever using for medicinal-intake purposes,
  6. If exposed to skin, a) Flush with lot of water immediately; b) make a dilute solution of Sodium Bicarbonate and dip/soak the exposed part in that solution,
  7. Avoid having Hydrogen Peroxide before sleep as you might have trouble sleeping, due increased supply of oxygen to the body,
  8. People who have undergone organ transplant surgery should avoid intake of Hydrogen Peroxide as it may lead to autoimmune reactions, which might even be fatal,
  9. As we intake Hydrogen Peroxide into the body and oxygen is freely made available to the body, the body would work to eject toxins out of the body, and one may have skin eruptions, diarrhoea, nausea etc. The Solution is to drink extra-excess of warm-lukewarm water. If it becomes too inconvenient to bear, simply reduce the dosage/s,
  10. While consuming H2O2, it is a good idea to also increase the consumption of antioxidants, such as: Pomegranates, The Berries, Clove Oil.

I have personally procured 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and prepared and then on prepared Hydrogen Peroxide of 8.75% strength-concentration drop of which we may use in our daily routine life…

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