Amenorrhoea (Scanty or No Menstruation)

Causes for Amenorrhoea (Scanty or No Menstruation) could be Use of Contraceptives (Over Long Periods), Bad Lifestyle-Eating Habits, Side-Effects of Many of The Modern Medicines (Such as Blood Pressure Medicines, Chemotherapy, Anti-Depressants and so on…).

Few Natural Cures to Amenorrhoea (Scanty or No Menstruation):

  • <Black Pepper (1/2 -1 Teaspoon) + Gur (Jaggery – 2 Teaspoons) + 300 Ml Water> Boil The Mixture, When 1/3rd – 1/4th of Water Remains, Filter It And Drink. Consume This Twice A Day, Morning & Evening,
  • Daily add a Pinch of Black Pepper to Milk, Boil it, Remove The Mixture From Fire, add 1 ½ Tea Spoon of Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Drink The Mixture Daily Night after your Early Dinner,
  • During The Mensuration Periods, Vigorously Massage Foot Soles With Mustard Oil (For at Least 8-10 Minutes),
  • Take Fenugreek (Maithe), Carrots (Gajar) and Radish (Muuli) Seeds in Equal Quantities, Crush Them Fine. Take 1 Spoon of This Mixture with 10-15 mL of Ashokarishta on Regular Basis (Sat, Twice a day),
  • Mix/Crush Fruits-Flowers of Red (Laal) Gudhal (Hibiscus Rosa) with Kanji (A Fermented Drink, usually of North India, used in-around Holi, made of Black Carrots, Beetroot, Mustard Seeds and asafoetida (Heeng)), and drink a glass of this twice a day,
  • Burn Dried Leaves of Mango, Mix The Powder that you get in water and drink,
  • Consume Bay Leaves (Cinnamomum Tamala, तेजपत्ता) Decoction.
  • Take 2 Tablets of “Chandraprabha Vati” Daily before Meals with Plain water,
  • Fenugreek Seeds (Maithe Daana) Treatment: Dip ½-1 teaspoon of Fenugreek Seeds in a glass of water overnight, next day morning, drink that water and eat The Immersed Seeds also,
  • Tablet Shatavari (500 mg) twice a day,
  • Daily Night before Sleeping, 1 ½ Tea Spoon Trifula Churna with Warm/Hot Desi Cow Milk, or Simply with Warm Water.

Please Follow Under-Mentioned Link for Consolidated List of Lifestyle-Eating Habits, That Must Be ‘Strictly Adhered to’ or ‘As Strictly Followed as Possible’:

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Favourable: Fenugreek Seeds-Leaves (Maithe), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Asafoetida (Heeng), Fresh Cow Milk Curd, Pearl Millet (Baajra). Do Not Let Constipation Happen To You.

Un-Favourable: Dry, Cold, Refrigerated And Stale Food, Sour Food, Things Which Produce Constipation/Gastric Problems – Maida, Besan, Potato, Root Vegetables, Cauliflower, Creamy Stuff, Or Eating Late At Night.

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom, and 15 minutes of Kapal Bhati in the Morning and Evening. 5-10 minutes of Naukasana may also be done in the morning. Please do not overstrain your body muscles. Vamanam or Induced Vomiting is also very beneficial.

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Caution: Please follow the advice after due Professional Medical Consultation. You accept that you are following any advice given anywhere in this website, after due diligence and at your own responsibility.

Say Yuck! If you have to, but very effective:

Take 30-45 mL of Gaudhan Ark (Purified-Distilled Pure Desi Cow’s Urine – The A-2 Type), added to appropriate amount of water to  make it comfortable to drink, and drink it prior going to sleep and in the morning, empty stomach.

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