Animal Bites Treatment

Dog - Lovable, But when Bites - It Hurts

Ayurvedic-Natural Remedies to Different Animal Bites:

Snake Bites: Take an old syringe, fine cut it from top, and use it as a suction to such the Black Blood Out. This, as per me, is best solution at home to such out the vitiated blood. Now give NAJA 200 – 5 mL Bottle, a Homeopathic Medicine.

Put a drop of the medicine on the tongue. Do this 3 times, at a difference of 10 minutes. This, as per Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Jee, is better and more effective than The Anti-Venom Injection administered by Doctors!!

The Medicine is not to be Refrigerated and Not to be exposed to Sunlight.

Scorpion Bites: SILICEA-200 – 5mL Bottle. Put a drop on the tongue, do this 3 times at a difference of 10 minutes each. The medicine shall push the Venom, Bad Blood, and Abscess out of the body on its own. It is made of Silica, a form of soil!

This medicine is also effective, say for example, a needle breaks inside the skin, or a piece of glass, or even a Honey Bee Sting. Again, this Medicine is not to be Refrigerated and Not to be exposed to Sunlight.

Let’s talk about a very serious case: Someone has been shot by a Bullet in The Abdominal Region or Joints etc. This Medicine (SILICEA-200), through similar argument should be effective there also, though the Potency of the medicine required would go up very much.

Dog Bites: The Problem arises, if we have been bit by a Stray-Street Dog. No problem ensues if a Pet Dog Bites us, who has been administered proper Vaccinations-Injections.

In case of Pet Dog, Just apply some Turmeric on The Spot. Please, don’t use Chemical Soaps.

What normally is the cure is that we are administered 14 injections! Now, an effective Homeopathic cure would be administering a Homeopathic Medicine, ‘Hydrophobinum-200: 11mL Bottle’.

1 drop on Tongue, 3 times, at a difference of 10 minutes each, just for a single day. Nothing else is required. Again, this Medicine is not to be refrigerated and not to be exposed to Sunlight.

Along with this, give Milk boiled with Turmeric for a period of 5-7 days.

Monkey Bites: Same Treatment as for Dog Bites.

Now, if the monkey has not been infected, it is not a problem, but we still do the treatment, as we can’t be sure about this. Anyway, I must also mention here, that RH Factor of a monkey is the most ideal one.

Though, I personally would like to do more studies on Reviews, Research Reports, Feedbacks etc. before going onto this Treatment, still 45 minutes of Anulom Velom may safely be done in the morning and evening.

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