Antagonistic Foods

Antagonistic-Controversial Foods-Blocks Your Channels

Antagonistic Foods work contrary to The Body Tissues (The 7 of them). They cause vitiation of the Doshas, and prevent expulsion of the same.

The antagonism may occur due properties of substances in combination, the way they are processed, the place or time they are made or consumed, the quantity consumed and so on. The two substances taken together should not be of different Virya, and that the acidic and alkaline stuff should not be taken together.

Example: One should not take Fish with Milk.  Milk has Sheeta (Cold) Virya, while Fish has Ushna (Hot) Virya.  Their Antagonistic combination Vitiates Blood and creates obstruction in channels.

Few Antagonistic actions would be drinking Cold Water above Hot Food, or vice versa; Hot & Pungent Stuff in Summers and Ice Cream in Winters; Taking Sweets at the end of meals, and taking Hot & Pungent stuff at commencement of meals; Taking Milk & Gur, or, Milk & Banana together; Having cold water above Hot Tea.

Results of taking antagonistic foods:     

Impotency, Blindness, Erysipelas, Ascites, Insanity, Fistula, Fainting, Narcosis, Tympanitits, Spasm In Throat, Anaemia, AMA, Leukoderma, Leprosy, Grahani Roga, Oedema, Acid Gastritis, Fever, Rhinitis, Genetic Disorders and Even Death.

Though, they do not (may not) produce diseases in those who do Physical Exercises, are habituated to Fatty Foods, have strong Jatharagni (Digestive Fire), are strong, are adult, have become accustomed by the consumption of same over a long period of time, or else, the Incompatible Food/s have been taken in a very Less Quantity.

Treatment/s, Measures to Counteract the Adverse Effects:

Emesis, Purgation, Use of Antidotes for Pacification, and Prior Conditioning of the body with similar substances. Pacification or prior use of Wholesome Substances Alleviates the Disorders caused by Antagonistic Food.

Note the following:

  • After eating Green Leafy Vegetables, Drinking of Milk should be avoided.
  • Pippali does not go with fish, or the oil used for cooking fish.
  • Honey, Ghee, Muscle-Fat, Oil and water. Combination in equal quantities of any of the two, three or all of these, is incompatible to each other.
Few more antagonistic combinations:
Meat of Domestic/ Marshy/ Aquatic Animals Honey, Sesame, Molasses, Jaggery, Milk Black Gram, Radish, Lotus Stalk, Germinated Grains [Sprouted Grains] Causes Deafness, Blindness, Tremors, Coldness, Indistinct Voice, Nasal Voice or Death.
After eating: Radish, Garlic, Basil etc. Milk Risk of Leprosy [or any Obstinate Skin Disorders]
Milk All Sour Substances. They are Antagonistic.
Wines Madhu The combination is Antagonistic and severely Vitiates Vata.
Curd “One should not take curd at night, without ghee and sugar, without soup of green gram, honey or Amalaki.” Curd at night may cause Fever, Internal Haemorrhage, Erysipelas, Anaemia, Giddiness and Severe Jaundice.
Other Forms of Antagonism:
Place Rough, Sharp Substances are used in Arid Zone. Unctuous, Cold Substances are used in Marshy Zone.
Time Rough, Cold Substances taken in Winter. Pungent, Hot, etc. taken in Summer.
Suitability Sweet, Cold, etc. taken by a person accustomed to Pungent, Hot, and Vice Versa.
Processing When Edible becomes Poisonous by Particular Processing, such as Over-Cooking of an oil.
Palatability That is Not Liked
Few more Antagonistic Foods:
  • Onion (Very Acidic) and Milk (Very Alkaline) are Antagonistic; Onion is a great friend of Curd.
  • Things high in Proteinaceous Content (Specific Pulses like Urad Daal, or Maa Kee Daal) should not be had with Acidic Things (Curd), as Acidic Environment creates problem in digestion of High Protein content. Thus, Dahi Bada (of Urad Daal) is a Big No No!
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