Avipattikar Churna (P- VPK=)

Ingredients (of Avipattikar Churna – अविपत्तिकर चूर्ण): Operculina Turpethum (Nishoth), Cloves, Dry Ginger (Saunth), Back Pepper (Maricha), Long Pepper (Pippali), Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Indian Gooseberry (Amalaki), Nut Grass (Mushtha), False Black Pepper (Vaividang), and few more…

Indications:    Indigestion, Severe Constipation, Carminative, Hyper-Acidity, GERD, Colitis, Ulcers, Stomach Pain (Anti-Inflammatory), Headache due Hangovers, Antilithiatic (Prevents Formation of Kidney stones), Antioxidant, Intermittent Urination, Uraemia (Increased Urea Levels in Blood), Nephritis (Inflammation of Kidneys), CKF (Chronic Kidney Failure), Diuretic …

Dosage: 1 teaspoon after meals with Ghee, Honey, Milk or Lukewarm water, twice or thrice a day, as per the Ailment and its Severity.  

Few Medicinal Benefits:
  • Acidity – GERD – Indigestion:
  1. 3/4th Tsp of Avipattikar Churna + 1/4th Tsp of Liquorice + Pinch of Indian Gooseberry Churna (Amla) + Pinch of Geloy Sat: This Mixture to be Taken after Meals with a Cup of Coconut Water.
  2. For handling GERD, Use of Other Things such as Abhrak Bhasma, Yashad Bhasma, Use of Coriander Leaves/Paste, Black Cumin Seeds etc. in Food Preparations.
  • Kidney – Bladder Stones: 1/5th Teaspoon Hajrul Yahood Bhasma + 1/4th Teaspoon Avipattikar Churna with Coconut or Plain Lukewarm water, Twice a Day.
  • Nephritis: ½ Tsp Avipattikar Churna + Chandraprabha-Vati 500 mg + ½ Tsp Punarnava Churna, Once or Twice a Day with Plain Lukewarm Water (RO water Boiled and cooled). 

If Chronic renal Failure is due Diabetes, then Treatment for Diabetes also has to be Undertaken.


This, like any other Medicine should not be taken in Excess, Mot More than 2 Tsp Per day. Again, for cases like Pregnancy, Severe Emaciation, Infants, Best to Avoid and Get Medical Intervention.

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