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Links to All The Posts as Laid out Under “Ayurveda for Layman => Understanding Doshas, Dhatus & Tastes”:

  1. Doshas of the Body;
  2. Understanding ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’;
  3. Understanding ‘Pitta-The Body Metabolism’;
  4. The Digestive Process;
  5. Understanding ‘Kapha – The Lymph Chyle’;
  6. Body Tissues (Dhatus) and Doshas (Body Humours);
  7. The Body Tissues (Dhatus) and Governing Doshas (V, P, K);
  8. The Six Tastes;
  9. Doshas, Tastes and Body Organs;
  10. Virya-Potency, Vipaka-After Taste and Gunas-Qualities of Tastes-Eatables;
  11. The Alkaline Taste-Property;
  12. Habitat, Life-Span and co-relation with Doshas;
  13. Seasons and Correlation with Doshas;
  14. The ‘Adana-Increasing Northern Declination’ Period;
  15. The ‘Visarga-Increasing Southern Declination’ Period;
  16. Seasons, Tastes and Doshas.

Hope the Posts are Informative & Beneficial to You All , and May Assist ‘You-Us All’ to be Away from Toxic Chemicals-Medicines, and Live a Healthy Life Forever.

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