Ayurvedic-Home Remedies for Memory Loss

Other than Ageing, other causes for ‘Memory Loss’ are Excess Fear, Stress, Worry, Sadness, Anger, Over-Exertion…Derangement of All Body Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are involved in this condition.

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Few Effective Cures for Memory Loss:

  • Daily night before sleeping, Boil a glass of Pure Desi Cow Milk with 1/5th – 1/6th teaspoon of turmeric added, take the mixture off the heat, add a teaspoon of Pure Desi Cow Ghee and drink.
  • Take ½ a teaspoon of Shankh Pushpi Churna, add it to a glass of Boiled Desi Cow Milk. Add a teaspoon or two of Honey, as the temperature reaches Warm-Drinkable level, and have it in the morning.
  • Immerse 6-8-10 almonds in water overnight, Remove the peels in the morning, crush them, add to ½ a glass of Boiled Pure Desi Cow Milk. Sprinkle Black pepper, add a teaspoon of Pure Desi Cow Ghee. Add a teaspoon or two of Honey, and drink/eat the mixture.
  • Daily Morning have 1 Indian Gooseberry (Awla) Honey Preserve (Awla Murabba) with ½ a glass of Pure Desi Cow Milk.
  • Add 6-8 Finely Cut Pieces of Dates (Khajoor) to a glass of Pure Desi Cow Milk. Boil the mixture and drink it.
  • Add a teaspoon of Liquorice Churna to a glass of Pure Desi Cow Churna, make its decoction and drink (Specially, if the patient is suffering from high Pitta).
  • Add Honey to 1/3rd – ½ teaspoons of Fennel Seeds Powder and have it twice a day.

Other Highly Effective Unconventional Cures (No Yuck Factor Involved!):

  1. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Silver+ 2-3 Tsp Freshly Cut Lemon Thrice a day,
  2. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal CopperTwice a day,
  3. 1/2 Bowl 100% Pure Organic (only) Wheat Grain Sprouts,Once a Day (1-2 Hours after Breakfast or 1-2 Hours Before Dinner) (Max. 6-8 Tsp),
  4. Baking Soda(strong alkalising agent): 2 Pinch added to ½ a glass of hot-warm water & drunk, Twice-Thrice a day,
  5. Liberally use Vedic Cow Ghee in your Meals,
  6. Colloidal Gold: 1 Tsp Twice a Day.

Favourable: Pure Desi Cow Milk (The a-2 Type), Pure Desi-Cow Ghee…

Unfavourable: Buffalo Milk, Junk Foods, Refer Ready Reckoner.

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom, and 15 minutes of Kapal Bhati in the Morning and Evening. 5-10 minutes of Naukasana may also be done in the morning. Please do not overstrain your body muscles. Brahmari Pranayama is also very useful.

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Caution: Please follow the advice after due Professional Medical Consultation. You accept that you are following any advice given anywhere in this website, after due diligence and at your own responsibility

Say Yuck! If you have to, but very effective:

Take 30-45 mL of Gaudhan Ark (Purified-Distilled Pure Desi Cow’s Urine – The A-2 Type), added to appropriate amount of water to  make it comfortable to drink, and drink it prior going to sleep and in the morning, empty stomach.

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