Bala Taila

Ingredients (of Bala Taila): Bala, Yava, Gotu Kola, Kulattha, Dashmula, Sesame Oil, Daru, Manjishtha, Kakoli, Chandana, Sariva, Kushtha, Tagara, Jivaka, Rsabhaka, Saindhava, Aguru, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Kshira-shukla, Yasti, Vara, Satahva Sarpaparni, Twak & Patra, and few more.

Indications: All diseases caused by Vata (Nervous Diseases – Sciatica, Facial Paralysis, Neuro Muscular Pains, Other Paralysis), Evacuative Measures (Body Massage – Swedana Therapy), Ailments related to Puerperium (Time Period from Delivery of Placenta, through Few Weeks), Injury to Vulnerable Spots/Bones/Joints, Arthritis, Emaciated Persons, Cures Fever, Abdominal Tumours, Insanity, Voice Quality, Retention of Urine, Intestinal Hernia (Inside Scrotum), Disorders of Genital Tract, and TB, A good massage for Reproductive organs for males and females.


For External Use (Massage, Enema etc.): The way to go is to stay warm after any Oil Massage, and Induce Sweating preferably, Clears the Skin Pores and ejects the Body Toxins. May be applied 3-4 Times a Day.

For Internal Use (Make sure, It is Specifically Mentioned that The Oil Particular Version is Fit for Internal Consumption, It will have Marked 101): 5-8 Drops Taken Once or Twice a Day, Straight on Tongue, but Best is with Hot Water. (As Also, I have said elsewhere, Ghee is Best Consumed, Added from Top to Hot Water).

Contra-Indications: None Unless Taken in Abnormal Amounts.

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Author: Manoj

My Research on Ancient (But Highly Intelligent & Advanced) Studies-Ayurveda & So Called Modern Studies (!!) has brought me literally back from Dead! Quit my sailing job in 2009 due Serious Medical Conditions (Severe Vision Loss, Severe Haemorrhoids, Severe Depression...), But few incidences (Rajiv Dixit CD's, Fatal Ailments Getting Cured at High End Ayurveda Ashrams, Khongress Leaders Going to Ayurveda Ashram!!!!!!!) Prompted me towards 'Dedicated & Devoted Studies of The Greatest (Ancient-Original) Medical Science-Ayurveda'.