Bala Taila

Ingredients (of Bala Taila): Bala, Yava, Gotu Kola, Kulattha, Dashmula, Sesame Oil, Daru, Manjishtha, Kakoli, Chandana, Sariva, Kushtha, Tagara, Jivaka, Rsabhaka, Saindhava, Aguru, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Kshira-shukla, Yasti, Vara, Satahva Sarpaparni, Twak & Patra, and few more.

Indications: All diseases caused by Vata (Nervous Diseases – Sciatica, Facial Paralysis, Neuro Muscular Pains, Other Paralysis), Evacuative Measures (Body Massage – Swedana Therapy), Ailments related to Puerperium (Time Period from Delivery of Placenta, through Few Weeks), Injury to Vulnerable Spots/Bones/Joints, Arthritis, Emaciated Persons, Cures Fever, Abdominal Tumours, Insanity, Voice Quality, Retention of Urine, Intestinal Hernia (Inside Scrotum), Disorders of Genital Tract, and TB, A good massage for Reproductive organs for males and females.


For External Use (Massage, Enema etc.): The way to go is to stay warm after any Oil Massage, and Induce Sweating preferably, Clears the Skin Pores and ejects the Body Toxins. May be applied 3-4 Times a Day.

For Internal Use (Make sure, It is Specifically Mentioned that The Oil Particular Version is Fit for Internal Consumption, It will have Marked 101): 5-8 Drops Taken Once or Twice a Day, Straight on Tongue, but Best is with Hot Water. (As Also, I have said elsewhere, Ghee is Best Consumed, Added from Top to Hot Water).

Contra-Indications: None Unless Taken in Abnormal Amounts.

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