The Body Tissues-Dhatus & Upa-Dhatus

The Body Tissues-Dhatus & Upa-Dhatus:
After the Jatharagni/s (Digestive Fire), and the Bhutagni/s (5 of them related to Pancha Bhutas) do their job, it is turn for Dhatvagni/s (7 of them) to help form Dhatus-The body Tissues. Starting from Plasma, percentage of each body tissue goes into the making of the next body tissue.

Classification of The Body Tissues-Dhatus & Upa-Dhatus:

  1. Plasma (or Rasa): It is responsible for holding, growing & nourishing the body. Upa-Dhatus (or Secondary Tissues) are Stanya (Breast Milk) & Artava (The Menstruation),
  2. Blood (Raqta): Plasma eventually leads to formation to Raqta. It is the haemoglobin part of the blood & maintains life activities. Upa-Dhatus (or Secondary Tissues) are Snayu (The Ligaments) & Sira (The Blood Vessels-Arteries, Veins & Capillaries[Lymph Flow]),
  3. Muscle (Mamsa): it envelops the Inner Core of Body. It strengthens the body and provides Body Posture. Muscles are responsible for physical activities of the body. Upa-Dhatus (or Secondary Tissues) are Twacha (The Skin),
  4. Fat (Medas or The Adipose Tissue): It is mainly responsible for lubrication in the body. Upa-Dhatus (or Secondary Tissues) are Lymphatic Vessels and Tendons,
  5. Bones (Asthi): These support the whole body. Upa-Dhatu is Teeth,
  6. Bone Marrow (Majja or The Nerve Tissue): It fills up the hollow portion inside of the bones and
  7. Semen/Ovum (Shukra): Responsible for Reproduction. Upa-Dhatu is Ojas.
  8. Ojas, the Subtle component of Kapha, is sometimes called as ‘The Eighth Body Tissue’. Ojas is taken as the essence of Dhatus & resides throughout the body. Ojas gets depleted by loud music, excess sex, talking too much, stress, grief, excess working etc. The result would be a poor body lustre, cheerlessness, weak immune system etc.

Waste Products are Phlegm (Kapha), Excess Pitta, Excretions of Eyes-Nose-Ears-Naval…, Sweat (or Sweda, decreased or no sweating leads to falling or stiffness of hair, loss of lustre, and cracking of skin), Body Hairs-Nails…, Faeces (Purisha), Urine (Mutra) and more…

Each Dosha is specifically related to one or more of The Body Dhatus-Tissues. If one is reduced (such as by Herbs, Pranayama, Yogasanas…), the other automatically gets reduced. Such as, if we reduce Kapha in the body, Meda & Mamsa would automatically get reduced. Thus, if I need to cure Obesity, I simply go on to reduce Kapha in the body, and Fat-Medas would automatically get reduced. This relation is not applicable in case of Bones (Asthi) and Vata (The air component)!

Doshas (V-P-K), Dhatus (Body Tissues) and Waste materials form ‘Causes’, ‘Chief Constituents’ and ‘Support’ of our body throughout the span of our life.

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