Calamus or Acornus Calamus


Acornus Calamus (Calamus, Sweet Flag, Bach, Vacha, Bhadra, Ugragandha) (VK- P+):

It is Bitter, Pungent and Astringent. Virya is Warm-Hot, Vipaka is Pungent.

Bio-Chemically: It contains Phytochemicals like Alpha-Asarone, Beta-Asarone, Eugenol and Other Volatile Oils. Β-Asarone has shown to be effective in Repairing Cognitive Impairment due Alzheimer’s etc. but in Large doses may be Carcinogenic (Anyway, due Specific Dosha-property balance of Herbs, None should be taken Indiscriminately, in Excess or Indefinitely.

Medicinally (Used in): Beneficial for Plasma, Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Muscle, Fat, Digestive System, Marrow/Nervous System, Reproductive system.

It is Antispasmodic, Decongestant, Emetic, Expectorant, Nervine, Rejuvenate. It is helpful in cases of Arthritis (Acute), Asthma, Brain Rejuvenator, Enhances Cerebral Circulation, Given as Snuff to Coma patients, Cleanses Subtle Channels, Epilepsy, Insanity, Sharpness & Intelligence, Neuralgia, Shock, Anti-Stammering, Sexual Energy to Spiritual Energy, Aphrodisiac, A Best Mind Herb, Removes Toxic effects of Marijuana from Liver & Brain. It is Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Microbial (Even Relieves Syphillis), Insecticide (Kills Stomach worms), and Anti-Fungal.

Few Medicinal Benefits:
  • Arthritis pain – Joint pains – Headaches: Add 1-2 Tsp of Powder to 4-6 (or More) of Pure Cow’s Ghee and Apply on Affected Parts Overnight, till get Better. Do not Expose the Aching Parts to Cold – fast Blowing Air; Cover Well, and Let The parts Sweat Overnight.
  • Dental Issues – Infected Oral cavity: Use Root Extract as dental Paste-Powder.
  • Home Flies-Insects-Mosquitoes-Woolen Moths: For Woolen Clothing, Bind some Powder I Porous Cotton Cloth and Keep within Woolen Clothing; Sprinkle at Home; add 1-2 Tsp in Water used for Mopping Home.
  • Drowsiness-Fatigue-Feeling Low: Heat a Tsp or Two and Inhale the Smoke.
  • Cholera: Add a Tsp or Two to a Litre of water, Boil for 6-8 Minutes; Take 3/4th cup 3-4 Times a Day. Feel Excess Heating-Pitta effect, keep adding Tsp of Pure cow’s Ghee to every Cup of Medicine you Drink. Do not Strain-Filter The Mixture, and May warm it Before drinking Every time.

Cholera is Severe Bacterial Infection of Small Intestine, Due Contaminated Water and Results in Severe Watery Diarrhoea, and May be Fatal.

  • Cough – Whooping Cough:
  1. Roast 1 Tsp of Powder on Copper-Iron Utensil, Take a Pinch of This with Honey twice-Thrice a Day.
  2. Lick-Suck a Small root Piece. It is also Sialagogue. Also Relieves Sore Throat.
  3. Add a Tsp to Boiling Water – Inhale the Vapours.
  4. For Asthma, Decoction every Few Hours (Max 4 a Day).
  5. For any of Respiratory Ailment – Cough – Asthma, Pinch of Liquorice may also be added while making Decoction.
  • Indigestion/Anorexia: Again Take Decoction 3-4 Times a day.
  • Wounds-Ulcers:
  1. Sprinkle Root Powder on Affected Parts.
  2. Use Decoction to Wash Wounds.
  • Smoking Addiction: Chew a Small Piece of Root Every-Time you get a Crave to smoke. (It might be Bit Nauseatic).
  • Autism: A Root Decoction 2-3 Times a Day.

Other useful Herbs for Autism are: Ginger, Gingko, Gotu Kola Leaf, and few more….

  • Speech Disorders – Stammering:
  1. Add Honey to a Pinch of Calamus Powder and apply on Tongue.
  2. Take ½ – 1 Cup of Decoction Twice daily.
  • Amnesia – Memory loss: Take a Tsp (or a Bit Lesser) with a Glass of Pure Desi cow Milk before going to sleep. You may also add a Tsp of Pure Cow’s Ghee also.

Contra-Indications: Not to be used with a bleeding nose, haemorrhoids etc. Excess use may Vitiate Pitta (Such as High BP). Otherwise, do not Take Large doses at One Single Time. Have a Break of 1-2 Weeks after you have taken The Medicine for 1.5-2 Months.

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Author: Manoj

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