Cures with Pranayama and Ayurveda

At the start, I firstly would ‘Humbly Stress’, to Please go Through Page Lifestyle and Eating Habits. Dear Friends, as you go through The Page, Understand and Implement Changes into Your Lifestyle, You Would Slowly and steadily Completely Stop-Block The Entry of Toxins to ‘Your Divine Body’.

Now, Pranayama-Breathing Exercises and Ayurveda, was the best thing that happened to me. Though, I have also stated before, me and my Dad, both did this for more than 6-8 years, he died of Multi Organ Failure, and I finally lost my job in 2009.

Then how come, after studying for 3-4 years, when things started making complete sense to me, and within just less than 2 months, when I started applying these studies on me, I attained following:

  • Vision got cured to more than normal (Sufferings of more than 20 years),
  • Severe Depression got cured (Sufferings of more than 6 years),
  • Palpitations got cured (Sufferings of more than 6 years).
The only difference was:
  • Understood & Implemented Ayurvedic Principles into My Lifestyle,
  • The Pranayama, Anulom Velom, has to be done with full concentration, as explained, and as much Breath Retention, as possible. Obviously, this retention would be minimal, or not applicable, if one has Lungs Condition, or other serious conditions.
  • All other Pranayama, have to be done with full Concentration.
Why is Concentration so important, after all?

Our body is made up of billions of cells, each cell has got a nucleus, each nucleus has a nucleotide, which contains DNA and Chromosomes, which scientists claim, have all the information of human evolution. So when we do our breathing exercises with concentration, and we command our cells to take in the Positive Energy, and kick out the Negative Energy, the effect is definitely much more prominent.

I have personally benefitted by doing Pranayama with full concentration, and experienced the difference between doing it with and without concentration.

Now the Responsibility Part (In regards to Breath Retention, in any Pranayama): If one is having lungs related problem/s (say, bronchial infection, or Asthma), he or she surely should not put undue pressure/stress on his/her lungs. As such, such people will not retain breath or do so for may be 1-2 seconds. As they start feeling better, and start getting cured, breath retention duration may be gradually increased.

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