Certification-Inspection for Organic Farming

Minimum Requirements for Certification-Inspection for Organic Farming:

  1. No use of any Synthetic Chemicals (Such as Fertilisers, Pesticides, Food Additives and so on…),
  2. Farmland to have been free from any chemical use for a Number of years (Usually 3+),
  3. An Excel Sheet detailing Production & Sales Record for a Number of Past Years,
  4. Periodic On-Site Inspections (Usually 3+),
  5. If any Value Added Certification is done by ‘Other Certification Bodies’, they have to meet the ‘National Government’s Minimum Requirements’.

As an (or would be) Organic farmers, I/We are required to do Following:

  1. Study: About Organic Farming, Storing final harvested crop, transportation of same & so on…
  2. Compliance with legal/acceptable standards for Organic Farming,
  3. Documentation: Such as Farm History, Soil & Water Teste etc.
  4. The Organic Farming Plan: Procurement of Seeds, Fertilisers used, Pest-Weed Control, Harvesting, Storing…
  5. Inspection: For a number of years (Three Years) & The Surveyor may also ask questions!
  6. Learn how to keep records meticulously – Computer Data Management.

Please note that a farm which has already been doing organic farming for some time may be certified without any delay…

The controlling body in India for Organic Certification is APEDA – Agricultural Processed Foods Export Development Authority.

The Indian Government

Ministry of Commerce & Industry     Ministry of Agriculture

National Steering Committee

National Accreditation Body

Certification & Inspection Agencies

Farmers           Operators          Processors

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