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As you have hit Category “Lifestyle & Eating Habits” on the Top (Primary) Menu of This Website, you have landed here wherein I am providing Direct Links to all Posts under This category which Primarily are aimed at clearing all Myths & Confusion as regards to various Lifestyle & Eating Habits.

Humans are the Best of God’s Creation as is also mentioned in Scriptures of various Faith, but still the Percentage of people suffering from Diabetes or Cancer or HIV or Arthritis and so on… simply keeps on increasing year on year. There is bound to be something seriously wrong we have been doing to ourselves, “Lifestyle & Eating Habits” which is responsible for our miseries.

Most Posts herein are aimed at Handling Side-1 of Triangle (Refer Header Image) – Blocking Entry of Toxins into The Body. Finally, Keep in Mind, There are Many who Survive & Strive n ‘You Being Sick’, and ‘Healthy You’, is Definitely Not Good for Them!!!                                                                                                             Links to Various Posts under This Category are:

  1. Daily Morning ‘Drink The Saliva Formed During the Night’;
  2. Hazards of Drinking Water While Standing;
  3. Chemical Toothpastes Vs Herbal Toothpastes;
  4. Sukhasana or Sitting with Legs-Folded is Best Position to Eat Food;
  5. Organic-Natural Alternatives to Chemically Processed Tea-Coffee;
  6. Drinking Water Before, During and/or After Meals ;
  7. Effect of Cookware Materials & Cooking Methods on Nutrients;
  8. Refrigerated-Cold Vs Clay Pots Vs Water Stored in Plastic Bottles;
  9. White Powdered Salt Vs Rock Salt ;
  10. White Sugar Vs Organic Sweeteners;
  11. Refined Oils Vs Natural-Filtered-Unprocessed Oils;
  12. Vedic Cow-A2 Milk-Ghee Vs Carcinogenic Jersey-A1 Milk-Ghee;
  13. The Power Nap & Shower after Meals;
  14. Early Dinner-Preferably Before Sunset is a great habit;
  15. How is Brisk Walking Considered a Healthier Habit as compared To Jogging or Running;
  16. Soft Drinks-Pizza-Burger Vs Healthy Yet Yummy Alternatives;
  17. Polished and Waxed Fruits and Vegetables-Look Cool But Are Carcinogenic;
  18. Proper Mastication is Utterly Important for a Good health;
  19. Discontinue Consumption of Soya-bean!;
  20. Diet Timings – What to Eat When;
  21. Only Fruits for Breakfast;
  22. Ideal Diet Plan-Daily Routine to Beat Medical Miseries & Stay Healthy Forever.

Hope you All Read-Enjoy & Benefit from These Posts.       

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Author: Manoj

My Research on Ancient (But Highly Intelligent & Advanced) Studies-Ayurveda & So Called Modern Studies (!!) has brought me literally back from Dead! Quit my sailing job in 2009 due Serious Medical Conditions (Severe Vision Loss, Severe Haemorrhoids, Severe Depression...), But few incidences (Rajiv Dixit CD's, Fatal Ailments Getting Cured at High End Ayurveda Ashrams, Khongress Leaders Going to Ayurveda Ashram!!!!!!!) Prompted me towards 'Dedicated & Devoted Studies of The Greatest (Ancient-Original) Medical Science-Ayurveda'.