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Dear All, Before I start to write down whole lot of changes required in your eating habits or in your Modern Day Lifestyle, we must all understand one basic thing. God has given us a very technologically advanced body, and the moment we stop the intake of toxins into our Body/Metabolic System, it will automatically start normalising itself. With assistance of just a few Herbs, available OTC, Few Breathing Exercises (Pranayama, Done the correct way), you would see a drastic improvement in your general body health. My guess is, this thing is well-known to the Medical Fraternity, but of course, they would never admit so! So read hard, what is about to follow, implement it in your life, and I foresee a huge improvement in the general well-being of your physical body and its subtle component as well, which would also imply a peaceful state of mind.

As an example, in this page on introduction, I would just give an example of many of us drinking chilled water, which is at as low temperature as 3-5 Deg. Celsius. Now, the functioning temperature of our body is 38.8 Deg. Celsius. Now, our body just can’t function at 3-5 Deg. Celsius, and so our System/Blood would try to raise the body temperature to the working temperature, and where would the Hot Blood to do this come from, from the organs in our abdominal cavity, which would imply the shortage of appropriate amount of Blood to all those organs. Now, imagine what would or could happen, and is happening, as this bad habit is adhered to over the decades.

Another Motivating Statement would be “How could it be that GOD gave enough capabilities to animals (Dogs, Cats…I-We have seen many times Dogs getting cured of their Injuries-Wounds themselves…) to self-cure themselves, and forgot to give such capacities into ‘The Divine Human Body’.

Finally, see the Header Image of This Website – Posts in This Category are all about ‘Side-1 – Blocking The Entry of toxins into The Body’.

Finally, People who are surviving on Your Illness to Make their Millions Will Never Ever Disclose these facts to You…

For your ease, I am providing links to all Posts (>20) in This category:
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  7. Why Should We Simply Discard-Throw away (If Possible) Aluminium Utensils for Cooking Purposes;
  8. Why Should We Strictly Avoid Refrigerated water & Consume Water Cooled/Stored in Clay-Pots;
  9. Why Drinking Warm Water-And Never Cold Water- Would be Ever Beneficial for Our Health;
  10. Why Should We Completely Discard White Powdered Salt & Go Only For Rock or Black Salt;
  11. Why Should We Completely Discard White Powdered Sugar & Go Only For Jaggery-Honey-Or Brown Sugar;
  12. Why Should We Just Get Away From Any-All Refined Oils & Use Only Filtered-Unprocessed Mustard 0r Black Sesame Oil for Cooking Purposes;
  13. Why Should We Completely Discard Jersey-A-1 Cow Ghee & Milk – And Consume Only A-2 Type Ghee & Milk (If Possible-Else Buffalo);
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  18. Polished and Waxed Fruits and Vegetables-Look Cool But Are Carcinogenic;
  19. Proper Mastication is Utterly Important for a Good health;
  20. Please Discontinue or Drastically Reduce Consumption of soya bean for a Better Abdominal Health;
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  22. Why Our Breakfast Should Comprise of ‘Only Fruits’.
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So Dear Friends, Hope you All Read-Enjoy & Benefit from These Posts.

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