Completely Stop Using Refined Oils

Believe Me! To Completely Stop Using Refined Oils Is The Most Essential Lifestyle-eating Habits Change that We Could ever make in our Life! The Refined Oil Super-Toxin Has To Be Instantly Discarded Out And Away From Your Kitchen. Go in for natural oils – The Filtered and the Un-Processed (In Hindi, We Call It Kachcha Ghani Oil). Go in for SESAME (BLACK TIL OIL) OR MUSTARD OIL (सरसोें का तेल). The books state sesame oil to be best and the second best being the mustard oil.

Ingredients of Refined Oils:

The refined oils are made using 4-5 chemicals and double refined oils are made using more than 15-16

The Filtered – Unprocessed Mustard Oil is the best oil for Cooking Purposes
Use The Filtered – Unprocessed Mustard Oil for your Cooking

different type of chemicals. These processes remove all the viscosity of the oils, and this viscosity of the natural oils, in their un-processed forms is what is extremely required to keep the blood clean and this cleaning capacity of the viscous natural oils like the mustard oil or the sesame oil goes a long way in keeping the blood pure and prevent formation of cholesterol in the blood.

This slipperiness / viscosity is what is called unctuousness and it is mentioned at ‘n’ number of places in ‘Charaka Samhita’ and ‘Ashtanga Hridyam’ about the importance of unctuousness of a substance.

Also, you may do well to comprehend the fact on the increase in percentage cases of cholesterol or high blood pressure or the dreaded diseases like diabetes, from the time these refined and double refined oils have entered our kitchen.

You may Research-Read all that you may on Google, proved by studies of many. Not sure of the legal issues, so not providing external links! The Ayurvedic Scriptures put the use the sesame oil on top.

The formation of cholesterol is the start of problems in the body, which is then followed by the increase in the blood pressure, which leads to decremented excretion of insulin by pancreas to dissolve the blood sugar, which then leads to diabetes, and hence, the use of natural oil, in its natural, filtered, unprocessed form is absolutely essential.

I have personally seen the drastic positive affects in the people I have advised to get rid of refined Oils and go for natural, filtered, unprocessed oils (Mustard and Sesame Oil).

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