Natural-Home Remedies to Night Fall-Wet Dreams (or स्वप्न दोष) in Men/Females

Night Fall-Wet Dreams (or स्वप्न दोष)

Before we go about Remedies to Night Fall-Wet Dreams (or स्वप्न दोष), please go through Lifestyle-Eating Habits. Firstly, Night Fall or Wet Dreams do happen in Females also, but The Body Anatomy is such that ‘The Discharge doesn’t come out & no Embarrassing Stains are visible in the surroundings. Otherwise, this is a common problems in boys and/or men. Night fall could simply be understood as involuntary ejaculation (Medically, Nocturnal Emission). This happens as a boy reaches adolescence and experiences development of Reproductory organs & Hormonal changes in the body. For adults causes could be varied as listed below.

Symptoms could be Premature Ejaculation, Muscle Cramps and/or Inflammation during Urination, Insomnia-Difficulty Sleeping…

Causes (from Ayurvedic Perspective also) would be excess consumption of Hot-Pungent-Spicy & Sour Tastes; or excessively Smoking & Alcoholism; Side-Effects of medicinal Drugs-Supplements (Such as High Doses of Testosterone Supplements); Suppression of urges for long, Excesses such as: watching vulgar movies, indulging in pervert thoughts-actions, watching pornography, indulging in such thoughts or reading such stuff chronically, or even excess of masturbation… End result is the release of excess sperms from the body…

Is Night Fall-Wet Dreams (or स्वप्न दोष) Good or Bad: It is both, good and bad. Not being able to do it for long (weeks and months) would invariable build up the fluids in the body and wet dreams would happen. Bad, excesses (as listed above), would invariably have a negative impact on Physical & Mental Strength, due loss of Ojas (Subtle Component of Kapha).

Ayurvedically, Vata Vitiation (Suppression of Natural-Sexual Urges) is the major cause. Prominent time for the fluid discharge (Wet Dreams) is 0300-0500 (The Peak of the Vata Timings which is 0200-0600 Hrs). One should get an advise-treatment for Night Fall-Wet Dreams (or स्वप्न दोष) or else it is bound to have an adverse effect on the sexual performance (and/or married life) of a person.

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