Different Wounds

The post is also applicable to Different Wounds Including Diabetic, which eventually become Gangrenous, and ‘The Affected Portion may also have to be cut’. Other similar problem is Osteomyelitis (Infection and Inflammation of Bone and Bone Marrow) (New cells stop forming in the body).

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Few Effective Cures to Different Wounds:

  • Apply Jatyadi-Ghrit on the wounds,
  • Apply Kachur Paste (White Turmeric, Zedoary, Curcuma Zedoaria) (This may be used on Inflammations, Wounds, Pains etc.),
  • Add 1/3rd – 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric to Pure Desi Cow Milk, Boil-Cook it for few minutes, Take it off the heat, add 1 – 1.5 teaspoons of Pure Desi Cow Ghee, and drink it,
  • Paste of Tila (Black Sesame Oil) and Madhuka (Liquorice Powder) mixed with Ghee heals External Body Ulcers,
  • Please! Do not use Chemical Soaps.


Take small amount of Arhar (Tuvar, Split Red Gram), Crush-Powder it fine, Heat/Roast it, Make a paste (Preferably Pure Desi Cow Ghee), and apply it on the wound. This is effective, even if the wound has Pus Formation.

Say Yuck! But very effective:

  1. An Ointment for Application:                                                                   Pure Desi Cow Urine + Turmeric + Leaves of Marigold flower (Preferable go in for Orangish coloured ones (or The Narangi One) (Just the flower leaves-petals are to be used, the green portion should be discarded). There is no specific ratio of different stuff for making this paste, but the number of leaves would depend on the area of open wound. Now this Paste-Ointment can be applied to any wound, but specifically applies to serious wounds.                                                       Apply this paste to wound at least twice a day. The Paste – Ointment is to be made afresh every time. Every time before applying this ointment, wash the wound with Pure Desi Cow Urine, which acts as an Antiseptic Agent.                 This medicine is also very useful in cases of a) Psoriasis (The Wet one, from which The Blood-Pus Oozes out); b) Accidental Wounds (Effective in clotting the Blood and stopping the Blood Flow); c) Is also effective in cases of ‘Burn Wounds’; d) Wounds on the nipples of patients suffering from Breast Cancer.
  2. Gaudhan-Ark: Early morning, take 20-30 ml of Desi Gaudhan Ark in a glass; add as much water as is required to enable you to drink the mixture comfortably. Similarly take 20 ml of Gaudhan ark + water before sleeping/going to bed.

Favourable: Easily Digestible Food, Ghee.

Non-Favourable: Sour, Oily, Stale-Refrigerated Stuff, Excess Sweet (Any Type), Creamy Stuff, Potato, Onion, Curd.

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Please use your judgement, and take medical advice before following anything written in this post. The use of any information in this post is entirely your call, and I am not responsible for anything at all.

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