Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting

Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting

Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting is simply an Act of forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach. It may or should be done in case/s where Kapha is vitiated and/or in cases where more than one Dosha is vitiated and Kapha is predominantly vitiated. In minor cases of Kapha Vitiation, it might not be required to induce Vamana & Body Humour/s might be brought back to normalcy using oral medicines only. This therapy is not to be used for Vata & Pitta (or Combined) Vitiated cases. Kapha predominance is important to administer this therapy as Kapha mostly resides in the upper part of the body.

Example of Emetic Drugs: Madhuka (Licourise), Nimba (Neem), Lavana (Rock Salt), Honey + Rock Salt and Ela (Cardamom). (Easily Available Ones). 3-4 bouts of Vomiting should be more than enough to clean up the system.

Benefits-Indications-Suitable For:
Kapha Vitiated Infections (such as Recent Fevers, Filariasis), Abdominal-Metabolic Disorders (Indigestion, Gastroenteritis, Diarrhoea, Diabetes, Tumours, Goitre, Bleeding Disorders of Downward Trend…), Respiratory Disorders (Cough, Dyspnoea, Nausea-Oppression of Chest, Uvulitis-Inflammation of Uvula, Pulmonary TB…), Skin Disorders (Severe-Leprosy, Herpes…), Genito-Urinary Disorders (Infected Breast Milk, ), Neural Disorders (Insanity, Other Head Related Disorders…)…
The Process gives good health, slows ageing process & gives good skin lustre-complexion. Regular practice (Say once-twice a month) gives god mind-intelligence-sense organs.

Contra-Indications (Un-Suitable For):
Not Recommended before Oleation and/or for People suffering from Vata Vitiated cases (Such as Dry People, Hungry, Loss of Speech, Wounded, Ones under constant grief/stress, Aged-Weak-Emaciated…) and/or for special cases such as Pregnant Women, children…
Even in Highly Kapha Vitiated Cases (Such as excessively Obese, Suffering from bouts of vomiting, Abdominal Distention, severe Heart related issues such as severe Blockages, Upward movement of Vata-Reverse peristalsis) Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting is best avoided.
Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting is also best avoided for severe Pitta vitiated cases such as Enlargement of Spleen, Haemorrhoids, Upward movement of Blood Strong Digestive Fire…
Few other [few specific] cases for which The Process would be Unsuitable would be [Mostly involving vitiation of more than one Dosha] ‘For Ones who have consumed Viruddha Ahara – Incompatible foods [Emesis may be tried in such cases]’, Blindness, Intestinal Parasites, Abdominal Tumours, Genito-Urinary Disorders (such as Dysuria-Painful Urination, Enlargement of Prostate…), Neural Disorders (Such as Giddiness), ‘On the ones who have recently undergone Enema’…
Vamana-Induced Vomiting may be tried on ‘The Poisoned ones [Unless the poison has gone deep down the alimentary canal-and in which case purgation might be the only option]’…

Now, how to induce Vomiting:
Easiest would be Kunjal Kriya: Mix 2-3 Litres of Lukewarm water with 1/3rd Tsp. to ½ Tsp. Rock Salt and drink the mixture slowly while sitting in a cock’s position the Spine has to be kept straight all along. Now wait for some time (20-30 minutes) & try to Puke out the mixture – It would-should come out easily!
Indication of a good Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting Therapy would be Kapha, Pitta & Vata coming out in successive order. Best time to do Vamana Kriya is the morning Kapha Time.
After good emesis, it is advised to undergo Mild, Medium or Strong Smoke (Gaumay Dhoop) followed by steps taken similar to the ones taken after Oleation Therapy. This is followed by very light meals/gruel (Oats/Daliya + water + milk), or Rice Water, or Khichdi or Rice water + Ghee + Black Salt and so on…
The Best Season to carry out Vamana-Emesis-Induced Vomiting Therapy would be ‘The Spring Season’ when Kapha gets vitiated.

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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