Emesis (Induced Vomiting)

Emesis (Induced Vomiting) is simply an Act of forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach. It should be done in case of predominant Kapha, alone, or along with other Doshas, such that Kapha is predominant. (Never used for Vata & Pitta Prominent diseases).

Example of Emetic Drugs: Madhuka (Licourise), Nimba (Neem), Lavana and Ela. (Easily Available Ones).

3-4 bouts of Vomiting should be more than enough to clean up the system.

Suitable For:

Recent fever, Diarrhoea, bleeding diseases of downward trend, Pulmonary TB, Leprosy and other skin diseases, Diabetes, Goitre, Tumours, Filariasis, Insanity, Cough, Dyspnoea, Oppression of the chest (nausea), herpes, diseases result of bad breast milk and diseases of the head; Uvulitis, Indigestion, Gastroenteritis.

Un-Suitable For:

Not Recommended before Oleation, Pregnant Women, Dry people, hungry, under constant grief/stress, children, aged, emaciated, excessively obese, suffering from heart ailments, wounded, weak/emaciated, suffering from bouts of vomiting, enlargement of spleen/abdomen, blindness, intestinal parasites, Upward movement of Vata & Blood, recently undergone enema, loss of speech, dysuria, abdominal tumours, one having strong digestive fire, suffering from haemorrhoids, upward movement of air (reverse peristalsis), giddiness, enlargement of prostate, pain in the flanks, diseases caused by Vata. Exception: Among the above, people suffering from poison, Indigestion and the ones who have consumed incompatible food, may be made to undergo Emesis.

Now, how to induce Emesis (Induced Vomiting):

Kunjal Kriya! (Lukewarm water + Sendha Salt, in a cock’s position, spine straight…Drink about 2-3 Litres or more of The Mixture and then Puke it out (It will come out easily)!) indication of a good emesis therapy is Kapha, Pitta & Vata coming out in successive order. Best time to do Vamana Kriya is the morning Kapha Time.

After good emesis, mild, medium or strong smoke (Gaumay Dhoop) and then steps similar to after care of Oleation therapy. This is followed by very light meal/gruel (Oats/Daliya + water + milk), or Rice Water, or Khichdi or Rice water + Ghee + Black Salt.

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