Enema Procedure

Enema Procedure should be done in a comparatively warm atmosphere. A lubricated nozzle, approximately 3-4 inches, is inserted into the rectum, after the air has been expelled from the enema bag. Fluids are slowly released into the colon. Some liquid is left in the bag to prevent air from passing into the rectum.

Following Enema Decoctions are used for the various body parts:
Affected Body Parts/Ailments Herbs used for Decoction
Legs, Thighs, Shoulders, Neck  Vidari Kand, Guduchi, Haritaki, Ginger.
Sciatica, Urinary Problems, Hunchback Guggul, Shatavari.
Pitta Diseases   Vasak, Katuka, Manjishta, Sandalwood, Mushta.
Kapha Diseases Trifula, Neem, Rock Salt, Vacha, Pippali, Bilwa.
Vata   Dashmula, Bala, Punarnava, Guduchi, Shatavari.

If some obstruction is there, small amount of oil is entered into the body first.

Anuvasana, or unctuous (Oil Based) Enema should remain in the body for 9 hours; while, Niruha (or water based) is held in the body for 48 minutes.

If Oleation (Internal & External),  Sweating Therapy, proper diet, and elimination of stool (By Purgative like Hot Milk + Ghee), have not been done properly, one may experience heavy limbs, colic, abdominal distention, difficult breathing, or heavy intestines.

Herbal Decoction Cleansing Enemas are followed by Oil Enemas (1/2 cup of sesame oil + ½ cup of warm water). This balances all three Doshas.

Comparison of Purgation and Enema:

Though Purgation eliminates Impurities from Body, it may cause uneasiness, belching, nausea, unpleasantness and griping due to ingestion of drugs as pungent, sharp, hot etc. Moreover, the children and the old persons are unfit for purgation because they have not gained sufficient strength of Dhatus and have their strength diminished respectively.  In these cases non-unctuous enema alone is the best therapy which serves all the purposes.  It quickly provides strength, complexion, exhilaration, softness and unction in body of the persons. Mostly, Enema is unsuitable for people who have undergone excess Oleation therapy, diabetes, pregnant women of the seventh month.

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