Menorrhagia-Excessive Blood Discharge-रक्त प्रदर

Menorrhagia-Excessive Blood Discharge-Raqta Pradar- रक्त प्रदर

Before Menorrhagia let us understand a bit on Menstruation. Menstruation is regular discharge of Blood (Mucosal Tissue) from ‘Inner Lining of Uterus’ through Cervix onto Vagina and out.  It usually commences at approximately 15 Years. Typically, the length of time between the first day of first period & first day of the next period is 28 days. Bleeding usually lasts from 3-6 days. Menstruation stops (Menopause) at approximately 45 years (Even if it stops at 55, it is perfectly normal!!).

A fertilised egg gets implanted in uterus (womb) which then hosts The Zygote-Foetus. Now, if a woman does not get pregnant, shredding of the Uterus Lining takes place which gets cleared during Menstruation. Menstruation (or Menstrual Cycle ~ 28 Days) could thus be understood as a ‘Hormonal Process’ which prepares a woman (~Uterus) for a possible pregnancy.

Menorrhagia simply means ‘Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding’ during ‘Menstrual Periods’. Total Menstrual Flow would usually be more than 80-100 mL.  

Symptoms could be Anaemia, Fatigue-Weakness, Shortness of breath. These all could actually be ‘The Consequences’ of the disorder also.

Causes could be ‘Poor Immune System’, ‘Poor Lifestyle–Eating Habits’, ‘Poor Hygiene’, ‘Pathogenic Infections’, ‘Modern Medicinal Side-Effects’, ‘Intrauterine device (IUD-for Birth Control)’; Anatomical & Medical Conditions such as ‘Hormonal Imbalances’, ‘Fibroids (Leiomyoma-See Attached figure)’, ‘Endometriosis (Endometrial Tissue extends outside of Uterus)’, ‘Adenomyosis (Endometrial Tissue Extends into The Walls of Uterus)’, ‘Miscarriage’, ‘Cancers’…

Ayurvedically, Raqta Pradar is due Vitiation of Pitta coupled with Vitiation of Vata Dosha (Vitiated Apana Vayu). As always Low Immunity as a Result of Mandagni has an important role to play. Excess Indulgence, fasting, Intake of Excessive Hot & Pungent things-Spices-Chillies, Excess Physical labour, Severe Stress-Grief, Suppression of Natural Urges etc.

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Natural-Home Remedies to Menorrhagia-Excessive Blood Discharge-Raqta Pradar:

  1. Breakfast: Only Fruits such as Grapes, Pomegranate, Goose berries, Dates (Dipped overnight in water) etc.,
  2. Roast Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Seeds in Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Add Rock Candy and eat it empty stomach,
  3. Have ½ a teaspoon of Ashoka Bark-Root (Saraca Indica) Powder with Honey Twice a Day,
  4. Except on Days when The Menstrual Periods are going on, Have a Glass of Butter-Milk + 3/4th Tsp Black Cumin Seeds (Kaali Jeere) + 3/4th Tsp Black Seeds (Kalaunji) Daily,
  5. Have ½ a teaspoon of Ashwagandha mixed with a Tsp or Two of Powdered Rock Candy with a Glass of warm-hot water,
  6. Make Coriander (Dhaniya) Leaves Decoction and drink it Once-Twice a Day. Add ½-1 Tsp Pure Desi (A2) Cow Ghee,
  7. Boil 1 Tsp of Cinnamon Powder with a Glass of Water, add a Tsp of A2 Ghee & Drink Once-Twice a Day,
  8. On the days of Periods, Rub your Foot Soles with Mustard Oil Once a Day.

Unconventional Remedies to Menorrhagia-Excessive Blood Discharge-Raqta Pradar:

  1. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Silver (HVAC) + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Thrice a Day,
  2. Spray (or Apply with a Cotton Ball) Colloidal Silver (HVAC) (+ Lemon Juice) on Affected Areas few Times a day,
  3. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Copper (HVAC) + 2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Thrice a day (1st Week: Thrice/Day; 2nd Week: Twice/Day; 3rd Week: Once a Day or SOS),
  4. Baking Soda(strong alkalising agent): 2-3 Pinch added to ½ a glass of hot-warm water + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon (Only During Day Time) taken Twice a day (Drastically Reduce intake of Salty-Sour Stuff except Lemon),
  5. A2-Desi-Vedic Cow Ghee:
  • Liberally use A2-Desi Ghee in Your Meals & Prepare food only using Black Sesame Oil (or Mustard Oil),
  • Mix 1 Tsp A2-Desi Cow Ghee, 1-3 Pinches of Coarse Black Pepper & 1 Tsp Black Seeds (Kalaunji) to a glass of hot water & Drink it Once-Twice a day,
  • 1-2 hours after Dinner (Before Sleep) Boil a Glass of Milk with 1-2 Pinch of Turmeric & 4-6 Raisins (Munakka in Hindi) => Take it off Heat => Add 1-2 Tsp A2-Vedic-Desi Cow Ghee => Drink as the temperature becomes drinkable!
  • Gently Massage the Naval Area with 4-7 Drops of Desi Cow-A2 Ghee before going to Sleep,
  1. 1-3 Drops of Pure Food Grade H2O2 (4 % Conc.) dropped onto ‘Morning Fruits’, and/or ‘Afternoon Butter-Milk’,
  2. 3-5 Tsp 100% Pure Organic (only) Wheat Grain Sprouts Twice a Day (1-2 Hours after Breakfast & Few Hours after Lunch) (Max. 6-10 Tsp/Day) (Do add Cucumber Liberally to cater to Hot Potency of Wheat Grain Sprouts),
  3. Pure Organic-0% Sugar added Honey (2 Tsp) + Finely Cut 1-2 cloves of fresh Garlic + 2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Twice-Thrice a Day (One May also Apply it Externally on Affected Areas).

Favourable: Rock Candy, Barley (Juan), Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Shashtika Rice, Raisins (Dipped few hours in water), Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Things which cool down Pitta in the body (Papaya, unless you are Pregnant).

Few Useful Herbs/Formulations:Nari-Sanjeevani’, ‘Sandalwood (Chandana)’, ‘Shatavari’, ‘Gokshura’, ‘Gokshura’, ‘Sariva’, ‘Dahuharidra’, ‘Doorva’, Lodhra’, ‘Dhataki’, ‘Nagakesara’…

Unfavourable: Completely avoid Hot-Pungent-Spicy Stuff, Sour Taste (Except Lemon in Day Time), Brinjal, Potato-Heavy Stuff-Root Vegetables after Sunset, Excessively Oily & Creamy Stuff, Stale/Refrigerated Foods; Constipating Foods such as Gram Flour or Chick-Pea Flour(Besan), Fine Flour (or Maida); Tea, Coffee, Excess Alcoholism & Smoking, Eating Food Late at Night…

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom in the Morning and Evening. Please do not overstrain your body muscles.

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Caution: Please follow the advice after due Professional Medical Consultation. You accept that you are following any advice given anywhere in this website, after due diligence and at your own responsibility.

Say Yuck! If you have to, but very effective:

Take 5-15 mL of Gaudhan Ark (Purified-Distilled Pure Desi Cow’s Urine – The A-2 Type), added to appropriate amount of water to  make it comfortable to drink, and drink it prior going to sleep and in the morning, empty stomach.

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