Fennel Seeds-सौंफ-Foeniculum Vulgare

Fennel Seeds-सौंफ-Foeniculum Vulgare: Avoid the Poisonous-White Sugar Coated Form

Fennel Seeds-सौंफ-Foeniculum Vulgare (मधुरिका, सौंफ):Fennel Seeds - सौंफ

(V- P+ K-) It is Sweet, Bitter & Pungent. It is Light, dry and Penetrating.  ‘Virya’ is Warm/Hot. ‘Vipaka’ is Pungent.

Bio-Chemically, Fennel Seeds – सौंफ has many essential nutrients, Bio-Chemicals, Dietary Fibres (and hence, very good for reducing Blood Cholesterol, LDL, VLDL…), Minerals (Copper, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, and Magnesium), and Vitamins (A, C, B-Complex, E). It also consists of many body essential Volatile Oils.

Medicinally, it is a Stimulant for Metabolic-Circulatory System (Purifies Blood, Regulates Cholesterol-Blood Pressure levels, Haemorrhoids, Obesity, Anorexia,…), Digestive System (Dry Mouth [Stimulates Saliva Flow], Flatulence, Bloating, Indigestion, Carminative, Anti-Colic, Nausea, Diarrhoea, Gastritis, Bad Breath…), Respiratory System (Sinusitis, Congestion, Bronchitis, Cough, Asthma-Mostly Pittaja), Excretory-reproductive System (Galactagogue [Produces Milk in Breasts], Emmenagogue[Stimulates Blood Flow in Pelvic Region-Uterus], Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Cleanses Reproductive System-Post Pregnancy…), Eye Health (Improves Vision, May be helpful even in cases of Glaucoma…), Soothes Neural System (Studies have even pointed to its anti-cancerous-tumorous effects)

It is high time, we start consuming Fennel in its original form, in our Meal Preparations/or after Meals, and avoid the ones coated with white powdered sugar (What a waste of otherwise such beautiful properties!).

Fennel Seeds-सौंफ-Foeniculum Vulgare may be used as:

  • Decoction (or Infusion-Dipped Overnight),
  • Adding Fennel Seeds (The Whole or hand Ground) to Meal Preparations,
  • Fennel Seeds (सौंफ) Tea: Put 2-5 Tsp Fennel Seeds & 1-3 (or As per Taste) Jaggery to a ½ a Litres of water, Simmer/Boil for 10-15 minutes, Strain & Your Fennel Tea is Ready,
  • Fennel Leaves – Fennel Leaves Paste may be applied on Swollen-Inflamed areas and/or Boil Ground Fennel Seeds & Leaves in Black Sesame Oil and Apply on Inflamed Areas; Leaves may also be sprinkled or used in cooking.

Few Medicinal Benefits:

  1. Digestive System:
  • Excess Thirst-Dry Mouth: Take equal amounts of Fennel & Fenugreek Seeds, Mild Roast them & Store in a Glass container. Take ½ Tsp of this + a Pinch of Black Salt with a Cup of Warm/Hot water after meals,
  1. Neural System & Eye Health:
  • Better Eye-Sight & Memory: Mix together “Crushed 6-8 Almonds Dipped in water for 8-10 hours”, “Hand Ground a Tsp (or two) of Rock Candy” and “a Tsp (or two) of Hand Ground Fennel Seeds”. Chew this up followed by a glass of A2-Desi Cow Milk (1/2 Tsp A2 Ghee added) an hour or two after your early dinner…

Contra-Indications: Unless one is suffering from Vitiated Pitta Conditions, one may safely have ½ a teaspoon 2-3 times a day. On hot days, avoid between 1100-1400 Hours and after 2200 Hours! (The Pitta Prominent Timings for The day). In excess may Vitiate Pitta, hence better be avoided (in excess) by breast-feeding mothers or pregnant ladies & excess may even diminish libido!

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