Ghee-Oils for Oleation

Ghee-Oils for Oleation are the best Uncting Substances. Let us go through their uses, Indications etc.


It is the single best Uncting substance. It has Sukshma quality which helps it to nourish deeper and deeper tissues. The older the ghee, the better Sukshma properties it has. It alleviates V & P. It is beneficial for Rasa, Semen and Ojas. It is cooling, softening, and improves voice and complexion.

Indication: Those having constitution predominant in V and P, afflicted with disorders of V and P, desirous of good vision, injured, wasted, the old, the children, women, desiring long life, strength, complexion, voice, nourishment, progeny, delicacy, brilliance, immunity, memory, intellect, appetite and strong sense organs, and injured with burns, weapons, poisons and fire.

(Ghee is) Ideal during end of Varsha (Sharad-Autumn). In an emergency, it may be used even in Summers or at night. In diseases produced by increased Pitta and Vata, or their combination with predominance of Pitta, Ghee should be used only at nights (During Summers).

Always have Hot Water after consuming Ghee, which acts as a nectar for the body.


Oils alleviates V but does not aggravate K (Appropriate in diseases related to increased Vata, Kapha & Fat). It promotes strength, is beneficial for skin, is hot (Mildly Pitta Up), provides firmness, and cleans female genital passage. It is appropriate for diseases like Tumours, Sinus, Ulcers, Worms, and Constipation. Or also, for people who wish to thin them down or for the sturdiness of the body.

Ideal during First Rainy Season. In an emergency, may be used even in cold season.

  • Til (sesame): Is best for strength and unction.
  • Castor: Is best for purgation. It is pungent, hot, heavy and alleviating V and K. It also alleviates P if combined with drugs of astringent, sweet, and bitter groups.

Indications: (To be taken in Cold season) Those having increased K and fat, with moving and plump neck and abdomen, afflicted with V disorders, having V constitution, desirous of strength, sliminess, lightness, firmness, stability of body parts and unctuous, smooth and thin skin; “afflicted with worms and sinuses”, having hard bowels and habituated to oil should take oil in cold season.   

Oils used for massage or for internal consumption, when mixed with the specific herbs, do not accumulate in the tissues, and are expelled out from the tissues. Herbs like Guduchi, Katuka, Haritaki, Yava and Chitrak have bitter properties, and when these are mixed with the oils, cause them to be expelled out.

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