The Burns

First Thing First: After The Burns Incident, we first have to make sure that Boils (with water-pus) does not form (Pour Cold Water). Few effective Burns Treatment are:

  • Put Cold Water on The Burnt Areas,
  • Liberally Spray Colloidal Silver (This Should be a Part of Each One of us’ First Aid Kit at Home),
  • Take Potatoes, do not remove the peels, make paste of them, Apply to burnt areas within 2-4-5-10 minutes of the incident,                                                               One may also use, Milk or Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) or Awla-Reetha-Shikakai…
  • If only Burnt by Hot Oil: Add Limestone (Chuna) (or Multani Mitti) to Curd Water and apply,
  • If burnt by Fire: Add Camphor (Kapoor) to Turpentine (Tarpine Ka Tel, in Hindi) Oil and apply,
  • Add Wax to Coconut Oil, Warm it and Cool it, Apply like Ointment,
  • Roast Barley (Juan, in Hindi) Flour, Make Paste with Liberal amount of Black Sesame Oil, Apply like Ointment,
  • Add Limestone to Black sesame Oil, Stir-Mix well and apply,
  • Crush Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaves in water and apply,
  • Add Nutmeg Powder (Jaiphal) to Raw Milk and Apply,
  • Add water to wheat flour (a thin paste) and apply,
  • Simply apply Pure Desi Cow Ghee!

30 Minutes of Anulom–Velom in Morning and Evening.

Favourable: Pure Desi Cow Ghee-Milk, Bitters like Neem

Unfavourable: Hot & Pungent Foods, Stale-Refrigerated Foods, Junk foods.

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