Heavy and Light Food

Heavy Vs Light Food:

Light food (Examples): Sali, Sastika (Types of Rice), Basmati Rice, Green Mung Beans, Fruit, Barley, Rain Water, Non-Root Vegetables, Ghee (Desi Cow Ghee), Roasted Grain Flour, Meat of Desert Animals, or Animals born in Desert or of Active Animals; Meat of Female and Small Animals; Old Grains (at least 1 year old); Food taken in Little Quantity; Salts; Foods Predominant in Agni and Vayu (Bitter, Pungent); Digestive Stimulants.

Heavy Foods (Examples): Wheat, Dairy, Meat of Domestic, Sedentary, and Marshy Animals; or Animals born in the Marshlands, or who eat Heavy Food; Pig, Buffalo; Black Gram; Sesame & Nut Butters; White Sugar; Meat of male and big animals; New Grains, Foods; Food taken in large quantity; Flour, Sugarcane, Milk, Sesame; Predominate in Prithvi and Water; Not stimulant of Digestion.  Flattened rice. Dried Meat, Dried Vegetable, Lotus Tubers, Cheese, Fish, Yogurt. These Cause Considerable Derangement if Taken Up to Saturation Point.

Creamy, Oily Food, and Other Heavy Stuff like Sweets/Sweet Dish etc. Should be Taken at the Beginning of the Meal. Stuff which is Predominantly Sour and Salty should be Taken in the Middle of the Meal. Honey Water (Lukewarm) After Food is Good To Make Stout Person Lean. Drinking Fluids (Especially Cold Water) after Food should be Avoided by Those who are Kapha Dominated, Suffering from Diabetes, Inflicted with Wounds, Burns etc.

Taking Very Large Amounts of Light Foods Makes Them Heavy on Digestion. Taking Very Small Amounts of Heavy Foods Makes Them Light on Digestion. 

Few Important, Miscellaneous Things to Keep in Mind:

  • One Should Not Take Stale Things except Meat, Salad, Dry Vegetables, Fruits and Hard Eatables.
  • One Should Not Eat Full Amounts of: Curd, Honey, Salt, Roasted Grain Flour and Ghee.
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