Hingwashtak-हिंग्वाष्टक चूर्ण (V- VPK=)

Hingwashtak-हिंग्वाष्टक चूर्ण has balancing effect on Vata (All Types) and Kapha, but May Aggravate Pitta if taken in excess.

Ingredients of Hingwashtak-हिंग्वाष्टक चूर्ण: 8 of them, ‘Ashta’ means ‘8’. Black Pepper (Maricha, Piper Nigrum), Long Pepper (Pippali, Piper Longum), Dry Ginger (Shunti, Zingiber Officinalis), Carom Seeds (Ajwain, Ajamoda, Trachyspermum Ammi), White & Black Cumin Seeds (Kaala & Safed Jeera, Cuminum Cyminum), Asafoetida (Heeng, Ferula Foetida), and Rock Salt. Rock Salt aids secretion of digestive juices.  

Indications (Medicinal Uses): It is Metabolic-Immune System Booster (Clears AMA [Layer/s of Undigested Food particles]) and has positive effects on Metabolic-Digestive System (Specifically Samana & Apana Vata) (Stomachic-Ignites Digestive Fire, Indigestion, Distention, Flatulence, Anorexia, Carminative, Constipation, Colic, Intestinal Pain), Respiratory System (Aids unrestricted flow of Udana & Prana Vata) (Belching, Hiccups, Clears Phlegm-Mucous in Lungs, Shortness of Breath, Bronchitis, Asthma), Circulatory System (Vyana Vata) (), Bone Health (Joints/Muscle Ache, Arthritis, Backache-Especially caused due Vata-Gastric imbalance),

How may we consume Hingwashtak-हिंग्वाष्टक चूर्ण:

  1. Powder-Churna: 1/3rd–½ Tsp with Warm-Hot water before meals (45-60 minutes) if Vata is Vitiated or after Meals if Kapha is Vitiated. To prevent Vitiation of Pitta (or even otherwise!), it is best to add a tsp of A2-Pure Desi Cow Ghee to the cup of hot water,
  2. 1/3rd Tsp Hingwashtak Churna with ½-1 Tsp Pure Cow-A2 Ghee with first bite of meals twice a day,
  3. For Kapha Vitiated cases 1-3 Tsp Honey (0% sugar added) to be added to a cup of warm water for consuming Hingwashtak Churna,
  4. Tablet form,
  5. It is best kept in cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Contra-Indications: May aggravate Pitta if taken in excess giving symptoms such as Heartburn, Gastric Irritation etc. Best Avoided in High Pitta cases such as Haemorrhoids, Hyper-Acidity, Ulcers etc. Also, it is best avoided (or taken in minimal-controlled quantities) in Pregnancy or Lactating Mothers or taken under Strict Medical Supervision-Guidance.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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Author: Manoj

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