How and When Vata-Pitta-Kapha Dosha Medicines are to be Taken

Medicine Timings for Vata-Pitta-Kapha Doshas

In regards to Administering Medicines for Pacifying various Body Doshas, following should be kept in mind:

  1. Head Diseases are removed through the nose (Nose is a Gateway to Head).
  2. Colon diseases are healed through Enemas.
  3. Strong persons take herbs in the morning on an empty stomach. Weak persons mix herbs with a light meal.
  4. Disorders related to the Lower Body (Apana): [Stool, Urine, Gas, Semen, Menstrual and Pregnancy Herbs] Herbs are taken before the meals.
  5. Pervasive Ailments (Samana): Herbs are taken during the Lunch.
  6. Vyana Disorders: Herbs are taken after Breakfast and Lunch.
  7. Udana Diseases: Herbs are taken after Dinner. Also, For Diseases of Organs above the Neck – Medicines are Given at Bed Time.
  8. Prana Ailments: Herbs are taken between bites of food.
  9. Cough, Thirst and Difficult Breathing: Herbs are used frequently.

In terms of V, P & K, Above May also be Stated as such:

  1. Vata conditions, herbs are taken before meals to quickly reach the lower areas.
  2. Pitta conditions require herbs with meals to affect the middle portions of the body (Pitta Organs).
  3. For Kapha conditions, herbs are taken immediately after meals to help with upper torso conditions.
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