Identifying Diseases

Identifying Diseases involves various Steps taken in a Scientific manner such as:

  1. 7 things to be confirmed by a physician, for Diagnosis of a disease:
  • Strength of cause: How severe is the cause.
  • Dosha: Prominence of ‘Vata’, Pitta’, and ‘Kapha’.
  • Dushya: The state of wastes in the body (Urine, Stool, Sweat).
  • Constitution: The status of Dhatus (Blood, Plasma, Fat, Marrow…)
  • Place: The place a person lives (Different places affect the Doshic Balance differently, like a very dry and breezy place, people may be found to have high ‘Vata’.
  • Time: Which time of the day the symptoms are most prominent, like ‘Kapha’ is prominent during morning hours.
  • Symptoms: What a person is complaining of.
  1. Knowing The Nature of a Disease:
  • Nidana (Etiology, Study of Cause or Origin of Disease): Diseases are caused by Derangement (Vitiation or Diminution) of Doshas. The Disease happens due Excessive, Insufficient or Improper use of:
  1. The Senses: Unwholesome contact of senses with objects.
  2. Actions: Relates to body, speech and mind, and includes Conduct, Urge, Posture, Concern, Emotions, Thoughts & Decisions.
  3. Seasonal Factors: Covered in Detail elsewhere.
  • Purvarupa: Un-manifested symptoms, which are predominant, before the onset of disease, and will eventually progress onto a disease.
  • Rupa (Signs and Symptoms): Visible signs/symptoms of disease.
  • Upasaya (Therapeutic Suitability): Suitable use of drugs, diet and behaviours (such as to see if they would Pacify or Aggravate a condition).
  • Samaprapti (Pathogenesis, or, The Progression of a Disease): Few further subdivision are:
  1. Samkhya (Number): There are 8 types of fevers, 5 types of Gulma (cysts, tumours etc.), 7 leprosies etc. like what is ascertained here, is that, say, which type of fever is afflicting a person.
  2. Vikalpa: The strength/weakness of various Doshas.
  3. Balakala: Aggravation (of disease) is related to predominance of place, season, day/night, method of food intake (You take food standing/walking regularly, no power on this Earth can save you from getting sick; or if you have this suicidal habit of taking litres of water with / right after your food, no power can save you from severe acidity or gastritis etc.!)
  • Site of Origin: The Site of Origin could either be AMASAYA (Stomach), or PAKWASAYA (Colon).
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