Introduction to Evacuative-Panchkarma Therapy

Benefits of Evacuative-Panchkarma Therapy:

 If one undergoes proper and timely evacuation, the body-fire is stimulated, diseases get pacified, normalcy is maintained.   Sense Organs, Mind, Intellect and Complexion are improved. Strength, Nourishment, Progeny and Potency are Produced. Ageing Process is slowed down and one lives long free from disorders. 

Doshas might sometimes aggravate even after treatment with Langhana & Brahmana, but they will never recur if they are subdued with evacuative therapy. In case of Doshas as well as plants, if the root is not struck at, reappearance of the gone disorders and sprouts (respectively) is almost certain. 

Promoting Therapy to Follow Evacuative Treatment:

In person reduced by evacuative therapy the body should be promoted with intake of nourishing diet together with ghee, meat soup, milk and relishing vegetable soups, massage, anointing, and bath; unctuous and non-unctuous enema.  

Management of Excessive Evacuation:   Intake of ghee, and/or oil processed with sweet drugs. 

Management of Insufficient Evacuation:   He should be Uncted and then again treated with evacuative therapy keeping in view the Dosha, fire and strength and also the previous regimen. This is because a person predominant in K vomits easily and the person with little K is purged properly [easily].  If K is deficient, emetic drug goes downwards [i.e. they become purgative] and if K is aggravated, the purgative drug goes upwards [i.e. they become emetic]. 

The digestive fire becomes dull by Purifactory therapies, blood letting, Oleation and fasting. Hence, after these therapies a very light diet (light gruel, khichdi…) should be adhered to. 

Emesis expels Doshas which have not undergone digestion; whereas, purgation expels Doshas, which have undergone or are undergoing the process of digestion. Hence, for emesis, one need not wait for the digestion process to complete.

The body of a person who resorts to Purifactory therapies without undergoing Oleation and sweating therapies habitually, breaks like a dry stick. 

Follow-Up Practices After Panch-Karma:
  • Oil or ghee is first taken with gradual introduction of six tastes.
  • First sour, sweet and delicious tastes are taken.
  • Sour and salty tastes follow next.
  • Bitter and sweet tastes follow next.
  • Dual tastes to make food delicious.
  • Lastly, comes, astringent and pungent tastes.
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