Limestone – चूना

Limestone - चूना

Crude Lime is Simply Calcium Carbonate Derived from Lime Stones => This is Heated to Form Calcium Oxide (Quicklime), which is Pure lime, but we can’t consume it => This is Treated with Plenty of Water, which forms the Final Consumable Form, Calcium Hydroxide, called Limestone – चूनाPaan Chuna.

Limestone (Pickling Lime, Paan Chuna, Chuna Lime, Chuna): Limestone is Calcium Hydroxide, and when consumed (In very Small quantity, not more than a Wheat Grain size) is a Pure Source of Calcium for The Body.

The Limestone – चूना is Anti-Biotic, Anti-Pyretic, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Inflammatory. Regular-Controlled use of Limestone is Effective in Fighting Hepatitis (All types, i.e. A, B, C, D, E), Jaundice (पीलिया) (Take Wheat-grain size mixed with Sugarcane juice, Sweet Lime Juice or Grapes Juice), Primary Infertility (Take Limestone mixed in with Morning Fruit Juice), Height (Primarily for kids below 21 years) (Take Limestone mixed in Morning Fruit Juice), Breast Development, Eye Vision, Osteoporosis, Musculoskeletal Pains – Arthritis – Spinal Cord Related Problems – Sciatica Pain (make a Paste with Honey and Apply it on Aching areas), Hair Fall Problems (Limestone is High in Silica Content), Menopause, Teeth Sensitivity.

Now, the Prescribed Quantity to be had as for Medicinal Purposes is just 1 wheat grain, Depending on the Severity, I Assume the Dosage may be Increased to Max 2 Wheat Grains, Depending on Severity of Ailment, Obviously for a Short Span of Time say Maximum a Week.

Ways of Consuming Limestone: There are many ways in which we may Consume Limestone – The Natural Source of Calcium and Silica:

  • Mix it with Your Morning Fruits/Fruit Juices,
  • Mix it with Vegetable Curry,
  • Mix it with Butter-Milk (After-Noon),
  • Mix it with the Pulses Curry,
  • Mix it with vegetable – Soups, and so on…

Contra-Indications: If Done on a Regular Basis, The Excess Quantity can Sure Lead to Stones Formation in the Body. Also, People who have History of Stones must never go in for such a treatment, as there Body Metabolism is Not Being Able to Dissolve the Calcium Content of The Body. A Person having Kidney Related Issues, Similarly Must Not go in for this, as Any Excess Amount of Calcium shall put Proportionate Exertion on The Kidneys. A Body May also Have Calcification (Lot of Swelling Around The Bones). Finally, The consumption of This Mineral should be Avoided by Pregnant and/or Lactating Mother.

But, these caution should not deter one from taking advantage of such a beautiful thing that God has given, 1 wheat grain a day should be no issues at all, I have taken it regularly for 45 days, when I had back pain (sitting on chair in a wrong posture, working on computer for extended hours of time).

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