Liquorice or Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Liquorice- मुलेठी

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra, यष्टिमधु in Sanskrit, मुलेठी in Hindi) (V- P- K+):

The ‘root’ is used in our kitchen and also is a curative herb. It is Bitter & Sweet in taste. It is Unctuous and Heavy. ‘Virya’ is Cooling and ‘Vipaka’ is Sweet.

Bio-Chemically, it has many useful ingredients like ‘Plenty of Fructose’, ‘Potassium’, Usdd‘Calcium’, ‘Vitamin B-Complex’, ‘Adrenal Cortical Hormones’, Few Useful Phytoestrogens and much more.

Medicinally, it is a Nervine Tonic, Expectorant, Wound Healer, Anti-Inflammatory, Antacid, Enhances Skin Lustre, pacifies Ulcers in the stomach, Fistula, Stimulates Reproductive System of both males & females, Useful in Adrenal Insufficiency. It is Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial, Hepato-protective, Increases-Optimises Blood Pressure. It is Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Ulcer

Few medicinal benefits:
  • Mucous Formation:
  1. (It dissolves mucous) Take ½ tea spoon of powder mixed with 1-2 tea spoons of Honey 2-3 times a day.
  • Sore Throat:
  1. Chew/Suck the Liquorice Root.
  • Chronic Bronchitis (Other Respiratory Infections) (Specially those who smoke a lot):
  1. 1/4th tea spoon of Liquorice Powder + 1/4th tea spoon of Long Pepper (Pippali) + 2 tea spoons of Honey taken 2-3 times a day.
  2. Simply have Liquorice Root Decoction twice a day.
  • Hyper-Acidity (Heartburn, Acidity, Stomach Ulcers, Abdominal Mucous Lining Inflammation):
  1. ½ a tea spoon of liquorice powder with 2 spoons of honey taken thrice a day;
  2. ½ a tea spoon of liquorice powder with ½ a glass of coconut water;
  3. ½ tea spoon of liquorice powder + ½ tea spoon of Geloy Sattva + 1 tea spoon of honey (very useful in Leucorrhoea – White-Yellowish Vaginal Discharge).
  4. Add a Teaspoon of Licourice Powder to a glass of Water, Boil till Water becomes Half, Strain and Drink Twice a Day.
  • Oral Health (Due Anti-Bacterial-Anti-Microbial Properties):
  1. Use Liquorice Root Powder as a Toothpaste-Mouthwash.

The Liquorice Decoction is also a Good Liver Tonic, and is useful in subduing ailments like Jaundice, Hepatitis, Fatty Liver (Non-Alcoholic) etc.

The same is also useful in handling Hormonal Related Issues during Menopause, Menstrual Cramps and PMS Symptoms.

Contra-Indication: As it has high amount of Potassium, Kidney & Heart Patients may exercise caution. Otherwise also, please understand, it adds to Kapha, so obviously if taken in irrational amounts would definitely excessively increase Blood pressure! But in Appropriate-Decent amounts, Liquorice- मुलेठी is a beautiful herb.

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