Medicinal Benefits of Flaxseed (अलसी or Linseed)

Flaxseed (अलसी or Linseed)

Flax Seed (Oil) (Linseed, अलसी, Neela Pushpin (Blue-Coloured Flowers), Linum Usitatissimum): Just from an Academic Point of View, The Flax Crop was being Cultivated way back in 3000 B.C.

Properties: It is Bitter & Sweet in Taste. It is Unctuous and Heavy (Oil on the other hand is Light, Piercing and Easy to digest). Its Potency is Hot and The Post-Digestive Effect (Vipaka) is Pungent. It Pacifies Vata and adds to Pitta & Kapha. Seeds contain ALA (Alpha-Linoleic Acid, Omega-3 Fatty Acid) which helps fight Cancers.

Please Note that The Ground Flaxseeds are Better Absorbed-Assimilated in the Body.

Bio-Chemically: It is a Rich Source of Vitamins (Especially B-Complex) and Minerals (Copper, Iron, magnesium, manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Calcium.

It is High in Concentration of Polyunsaturated fatty Acids, Antioxidants, and is High in Fibres. Has High Concentration of a Group of Chemicals (Lignans, especially Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside – SDG). High in Phytochemicals and Antioxidants (Removes Harmful Free Radicals from The Body).

Please Note that, as compared to ‘Flaxseed Oil’, ‘The Ground Flaxseed’ contains much more of Fibres and Phytochemicals. It also is a high source of Phosphatides (Major Component of Biological Membranes) & Lipoproteins (Soluble Proteins, which assist in Transport of fats-Lipids in the Blood Plasma), which are critical to stay away from ‘Dreaded Ailments, as Labelled by the Modern Health Industry’.

Medicinally: In various studies, it has shown huge medicinal effects and positive results…

  • Cancers & Tumours: I will write this in two steps – Prevention & Cure:

Lowers risk of Breast, Prostate & Colon Cancers.

Prevents-Controls Skin Cancers.

Prevents Tumours Cells from Spreading.

  • Circulatory Disorders:
  • Endocrine, Nutritional & Metabolic Disorders: Useful in controlling LDL, VLDL, High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity Control-Cure (Due High fibrous Content, gives an extended feeling of ‘Fullness’, and Reduces Diet) and so on…
  • Gastro-Intestinal Health: Laxative, Aids Intestinal Absorption of Nutrition,
  • Genito-Urinary Disorders: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), UTI’s
  • Hormonal Disorders: Fights Inflammation, Sun-Burns, Pre-Post Menopausal Symptoms,
  • Skin-Hair Health: Just for Academic Reasons, Many of Skin Products like Shampoos, Sun-Screens, Moisturiser etc. contain Flaxseed Oil. Useful in Healing of Wounds, Skin Rashes, Inflammation, Rashes-Redness, Acne, Dandruff; Useful in Cases of Even Psoriasis and so on. Moisturises Skin due Presence of fatty Acids. Prevents-Cures Dry-Brittle Hair, Hair-Loss, Baldness.
  • May also be used for Enema.

Storage: To be Stored in Cool, Dry & Dark Place. Do not Expose to Sunlight.

In what/which way, we may use Hemp: It May be Used Both Externally and Consumed Internally:

  • Sprinkle ground Flax Seed onto your Fruits, Oatmeal, Cereals, Butter-Milk, Pastes, Wheat Bread (Chapattis) and more…
  • Add a teaspoon of Grounded Flaxseeds to your Cereals.
  • Simply add a teaspoon (Flaxseed Oil) to a cup of Lukewarm Water.
  • Steep a Teaspoon of Flaxseeds to ½ a Glass of Hot water and Drink it.
  • Skin-Body Massage of Body with Flaxseed Oil.
  • Wash-Scrub: Make a Mixture of “Grounded Flaxseed + Curd + Honey”; Mildly Scrub it on The Skin, Let it be for 10-15 Minutes; Wash it off.

Contra-Indications: This, as with anything else, should be taken in limited quantity. Note the following:

  • May Vitiate Kapha & Pitta if taken in excess. Hence, avoid in patients suffering with Pitta Ailments such as Nasal Bleeding, Menorrhagia, Ulcers…
  • Do not take more than 15 mL, let us say, 2-3 teaspoons in a day.
  • Excess may have adverse effects on Eye-Vision (Though, for Dry Eyes, it may safely be used (V-K+P+)), Marital Performance (Sperm Count) and so on..
  • Do Not Mix this with Chemical-Laden medicines. Keep a Difference of at last 60 Minutes between any 2 Medicines.
  • Pregnant & Lactating Women May Avoid Consumption of Flaxseed/Oil.
  • While Consuming Flaxseed Seeds/Oil, Consume Extra Amount of Water.
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Author: Manoj

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