Meditational Technique – Concentrating on The Spiritual Heart

Keeping Preparations – Basic Requirements Same as, Let us Now See a Meditational Technique – Concentrating on The Spiritual Heart.

Our Physical Heart is where the Spiritual Heart is located. The Heart serves all the Purposes of the Body, as it Supplies Blood to all the Body Parts, and Keeps us Alive. As With Concentrating on Breath, Concentrating on the Spiritual Heart (Or, Simply The Pumping of Our Heart), Gives all the Benefits of Meditation.

Procedure: Simply Close Your Eyes, and Take All Your attention-Concentration to Your Heart-Beat. Very Soon, you will be able to Hear/Feel the Heart Beat, and Shall Get Relieved of All Your Stress.

As you Do This Meditation, You Would Feel your Breathing Going Very Slow and Shallow. We, in This Technique, are Required to Completely Take Our Attention Away from our Breath and onto The Beating of Our Heart.

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