Micro-Nutrients Vitamin-B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

What Vitamin-B5 is: Vitamin-B5 is also Water Soluble & is Not Stored in Human Body (regular Intake via Diet is Necessary). It Plays following important roles in the body:

  • Production of RBC’s in the body,
  • Production of ‘Reproductive & Adrenaline Related Hormones’ in the body (It is also called Anti-Stress Vitamin),
  • Maintaining an Healthy Digestive Health,
  • Helps using Other Vitamins in The Body (especially B2),
  • Helps body synthesise good cholesterol in the body,
  • Synthesis of Coenzyme-A & Metabolising Proteins, Carbohydrates & fats.

Reasons for Shortage of Vitamin-B5: Usually Doesn’t happen but if it does it is due Improper Diet and/or side-effects of Modern Development/s.

Vitamin-B5 Deficiency may lead to:

  • Fatigue, Insomnia, Nausea, Acidity, Upper Respiratory Infections;
  • B5 combined with Vitamin-C may aid in recovery in skin related ailments & maintaining good skin health,
  • Studies have pointed to lower levels of B5 in people suffering from arthritis,

Rich Source of Vitamin-B5: Available in wide variety of stuff but processing does destroys B5.

Plant Sources:           Fresh Vegetables, Whole Unprocessed Grains, Corn, Cauliflower, Kale, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Legumes, Lentils, Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes, Whole Grain Cereals, Wheat Germ, Dried Mushrooms.

Fruit Sources:            Pine-Apple

Animal Sources:        A-2 Milk, Egg Yolk.

My View it is Best to Avoid Synthetic Supplements and Only Go in For Organic Sources.

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:            Upto around 6-8 mg/Day.

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Author: Manoj

My Research on Ancient (But Highly Intelligent & Advanced) Studies-Ayurveda & So Called Modern Studies (!!) has brought me literally back from Dead! Quit my sailing job in 2009 due Serious Medical Conditions (Severe Vision Loss, Severe Haemorrhoids, Severe Depression...), But few incidences (Rajiv Dixit CD's, Fatal Ailments Getting Cured at High End Ayurveda Ashrams, Khongress Leaders Going to Ayurveda Ashram!!!!!!!) Prompted me towards 'Dedicated & Devoted Studies of The Greatest (Ancient-Original) Medical Science-Ayurveda'.