Milk and Curd

Cow Milk

Milk: Various types of Milk, that we can avail of are: Sheep, Goat, Cow, Buffalo, Camel, Elephant, Mare and Human Women.

In general, Milk is Sweet, Unctuous, Cold, Galactogogue, Refreshing, Body-Promoting, Spermatogenic, Intellect-Promoting, Strength-Promoting, Mind- Promoting, Vitaliser, Fatigue-Alleviating, Destroyer of Dyspnoea, Cough and Internal Haemorrhage; Union-Promoting in Injuries, Wholesome for all Living Beings, Pacifier (of Doshas), Eliminator (of Malas), Destroyer of Thirst and Appetizer.  This is most useful in Kshina (weakness, wasting),  Anaemia, Chronic Fevers, Gastritis, Emaciation, Gaseous Tumour, Abdominal Enlargement, Diarrhoea, Fever, Burning Sensation, Oedema, Specifically in Disorders of Female Genital Tract, Semen, Deficiency of Urine, Hardened Stool and Conditions of V-P.  Milk may be used for Bathing, Emesis and as a Purgative Agent.

Uncooked milk produces excess secretions in the tissue pores and produces blockages in them, and is hard to digest. Cooked/boiled milk has the opposite beneficial properties. Though, too much boiling makes it very to digest it.

Few Milks Available to Us: 
  • Desi Cow Milk: Can aggravate ‘Vata’ Dosha, thus for ‘Vata’ Personalities, add a tea-spoon of Cow Ghee as Ghee is Vata Nashak (Destroys the Excess Air and the problems related to the Excess Air component/Nerve Force in the body). If the Digestive Power is weak, equal amount of Water may be added, but the Quantity of Ghee should not be reduced.

This Milk is the Most Suitable for Most of Us, as Being Very Light, and Easily Assimilable in Our Body-By Our Body.

  • Buffalo Milk: Useful in cases of Insomnia and Excess Digestive Power. It is heavier and colder than that of The Desi Cow’s Milk. Should be consumed by only those People who Do heavy Physical Work.
  • Goat Milk: Is Astringent-Sweet, Cold, Constipating and Light. It alleviates Internal Haemorrhage, Diarrhoea, Wasting, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Cough and Fever. 

Curd: Its Rasa is Sour, and Virya and Vipaka is also Sour. Is generally discarded in Summer, Autumn and Spring. It is also harmful in the disorders caused by Pitta, Raqta and Kapha, as it increases them. Else, it may cause Fever, Bleeding Diseases, Herpes, Leprosy and other Skin Diseases.

It is Relishing, Appetizer, Aphrodisiac, Uncting, Strength-Promoting, Hot, Alleviates V, is auspicious and bulk- promoting.  It is useful in Rhinitis, Diarrhoea, Shivering, Intermittent Fever, Anorexia, Dysuria and Emaciation. Increases Kapha, Pitta, Digestive Fire, Body Ojas.

Curds Churned by Hand, with Pepper and Sugar Added, is Strengthening, Aphrodisiac, Unctuous and Appetiser.

As Curd Increases Kapha and Pitta, and Is Heavy, It Should Never Be Had In Night Time. But, As Old Habits Die Hard, One May Warm It A Bit, add Black Pepper, or Fenugreek Powder, or Green Gram, or Honey, or Ghee or Butter Fat.

Other Interesting thing about Curd is: If we Consume Curd which has been prepared in Silver Utensil, Pitta Raising Properties of Curd get Neutralised (As, Silver has Cooling Effect on the Body, Whereas Gold has Warming, Soothing Effect on the Body, and, thus, Gold is Worn above the Naval Region, and Silver is Worn below the Naval Region).

Modifications-By-Products of Curd: 

  • The supernatant fatty layer of curd: Promotes Semen.
  • Curd Water: Alleviates Vata and Kapha and Cleanses Body Channels.
  • Taqra (Butter-Milk): It is Astringent and Sour. Is used in Swelling, Piles, Grahani Dosha, and Obstruction in Urine, Abdominal Disease (incl. Tumours), Anorexia, Hyperlipidaemia (Excessively high concentration of Fats, Lipids in the Blood), Paleness and Poisons, Spleen Enlargement, Anaemia. The Butter-Milk is Pitta Nashak (Pacifies Pitta).
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