Manganese is an essential Mineral (Though in Trace Quantities!) found in our Bones, Pancreas, Liver & Kidneys. It is a constituent (& Catalytic in Physiological Actions) of various Enzymes. An average adult has about 10-20 mg in The Body.

What Manganese Does? It does following in the body:

  • Anti-Oxidant (Component of Strong Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD)),
  • Forms Connective Tissue-Bones-Calcium Absorption,
  • Formation of Platelets – Blood Clotting Function-Wound Healing,
  • Important Role in Fats-Carbohydrates-Amino Acids Metabolism – Blood-Sugar Regulation,
  • Nervous System & Brain Functions,
  • Sex-Reproductive Hormones.

Reasons for Shortage of Manganese: Un-Balance-Adulterated Diet, Side-Effects of Medicines, Consumption of Iron above Optimal Levels (Increased iron Content hampers manganese Absorption from Diet).

Manganese Deficiency may lead to:

  • Infertility – Impaired Reproductory Functions,
  • Impaired Carbohydrate-Lipid Metabolism-Insulin Resistance-Diabetes Mellitus,
  • Bones Mal-Formation,
  • Fatigue,
  • Seizures-Epilepsy…

Magnesium Toxicity (Reasons):

  • Iron Deficiency in Blood Serum (Which leads to manganese Accumulation in Brain),
  • Manganese Toxicity rapidly occurs in subjects with Liver Ailments-Cirrhosis-Liver Failures (As Manganese is Mostly eliminated from Body Via Bile only).

Rich Source of Manganese:

Plant Sources:           Wheat Germ, Cereals, Oats, Whole Grains (Un-Refined-Un-Processed), Legumes, Nuts (Almonds, Peanuts), Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds Oil, Brown Rice, Pumpkin seeds.

Herbs & Spices:         Chillies, Fennel Seeds (सौंफ), Cloves…

Fruit Sources:            Pine-Apple.

Animal Sources:        A2 Milk, A2 Ghee.

Daily Recommended Values:

Adults:                        2 – 3 mg/Day.

Contra-Indications: Excess of Manganese May lead to:

  • Neurological Disorders-Poor Cognitive Performance-Parkinson’s Disease (Welders and Smelters),
  • Improper Iron (& Other Minerals) Absorption in the Body,
  • Skin Disorders.
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Author: Manoj

My Research on Ancient (But Highly Intelligent & Advanced) Studies-Ayurveda & So Called Modern Studies (!!) has brought me literally back from Dead! Quit my sailing job in 2009 due Serious Medical Conditions (Severe Vision Loss, Severe Haemorrhoids, Severe Depression...), But few incidences (Rajiv Dixit CD's, Fatal Ailments Getting Cured at High End Ayurveda Ashrams, Khongress Leaders Going to Ayurveda Ashram!!!!!!!) Prompted me towards 'Dedicated & Devoted Studies of The Greatest (Ancient-Original) Medical Science-Ayurveda'.