Nasal Therapy


Nasal Therapy is especially suitable for curing the parts above the shoulder. Nose is the gateway to the head, and cures all related problems. Nasal Therapy removes all (Well, Almost all!) toxins from the region.

Drugs-Herbs for Nasal Therapeutic use:

Apamarga, Brahmi, and the best of all is ‘Desi Cow Ghee’. Saindhava or Sendha Salt purifies the head. Please note, we also have an Allopathic Medicine NaCl drops, for the kids, to clear the nasal congestion!!! So, why not use Sendha Salt, which pacifies all the three Doshas (V, P & K).

Suitable For:

Stiffness in the head, teeth and carotid region; Obstruction in throat and jaw; Coryza (common cold); Galasundika (Uvulitis); Galasaluka (Tonsillitis); Disorders of cornea, visions and eyelids; Migraine; Disorders of the neck, shoulder, scapula, mouth, nose, ear, eye, cranium and head; Facial paralysis; Apatanaka (convulsive disorders); Goitre; Pain, tingling sensation and looseness of teeth; Aksiraji (streaks in eye); Tumour; Hoarseness of voice, obstructed speech; Stammering and loss of speech; The disorders caused by the Doshas located in the supraclavicular region (Even in advanced stage).

Un-Suitable For:
Contraindications / Unfit for head evacuation It may, then lead to
Those having indigestion or taken food or with full stomach. The impurity obstructs the upper carrying channels and thus causes cough, dyspnoea, vomiting and coryza.
Those taking some Uncting substance, or who are going to take wine or water after head evacuation. It may produce discharge from mouth and nose, dirt in eyes, defects of vision and head diseases.
Those having bathed from head or taking bath [before or] afterwards. It may cause coryza (Irritation/Inflammation of the Mucous Membrane).
One is hungry. It may cause vitiation of V.
One is thirsty. It may cause increased thirst and dryness of the mouth.
In tired, intoxicated, injured or fainted persons; Suffering from acute Coryza. May aggravate the symptoms, Damage Channels.
In those exhausted by coitus, physical exercise or drinking. It may cause pain in head, shoulder, eye and chest.
In those heated with acute fever or grief. The heat circulating through ophthalmic nerves may cause defects of vision or may aggravate the fever.
In those having taken unctuous enema. K may produce heaviness in head, itching and worms.
In pregnant woman. It may still the foetus which is delivered as one- eyed, lumped, with crooked arm, hemiplegic or lame.
In unsuitable season or bad weather. May lead to Cold, Head Disorders.

Also, after Nasal Therapy we should not consume anything for 1 hour at least, or take shower immediately after.


After cleansing the body with the other evacuative measures [purgation etc.] in prescribed order one should get the patient Uncted and his head fomented with palm (of the hand) and then given head-evacuation thrice, twice or once a day considering the strength of doshas.   In case of its excessive evacuation, there is distress and pain in head, eyes, temples and ears and the patient sees darkness.   The above case should be managed with mild saturating drop while the case of deficient evacuation should be treated with irritant drugs after unction.

It should be taken in forenoon in summer, noon in winter and in rainy season when the weather is not cloudy.

At least 2 to 3 drops of Desi Cow Ghee may be put in each nostril.

After (sometime of) the nasal therapy, a person should inhale smoke (of drugs) and gargle the mouth for some time to clear the throat.

After The Nasal Therapy, please stay warm, and in all cases avoid A/C or fan.

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