Natural-Home Remedies to Dry-Itchy-Chafed-Cracked Skin & Eczema (दाद, खाज, खुजली)

Dry-Itchy-Inflamed Skin-Eczema

Eczema is characterised by Dry (or with Pus) Itchy-Reddish-Inflamed Patches, accompanied by flaking at times & may form anywhere on the body. Various form the disorder could be Atopic Dermatitis (Affecting Infants), Seborrheic Dermatitis (Due Dandruff), Contact Dermatitis (Eczema is Contagious), Chronic Eczema (Thickening of Eczema Patches)…If it is just the Case of Dry-Chafed-Torn Skin with Mild Itching, it is simply a case of Vitiated Vata (easily taken care of by application A2 Ghee/Colloidal Silver & then having A2 in our Meals. Problems arise as condition aggravates to Eczema & then could give us any (Viral-Bacterial-Fungal) Infection. Eczema is a Contiguous Disease.

Ayurvedically (Roughly Vicharchika, in Sanskrit) it is Vitiation of Pitta & Kapha (Pitta Solidifying Kapha & Depositing in deeper Skin Layers-Tissues) => Eventually Serious Vitiation of Vata, which carries the disorder all over the place. Inflammation-Pain, as always, implies Vitiation of Pitta & Vata. Oozing of Pus-Blood denotes vitiation of Kapha & Pitta. Mostly, Deep Skin Disorders imply that vitiation of Doshas has moved The Infection onto ‘The external Passage’ (This is harder to treat than disorders of The Inner – G.I. Tract). All Doshas are vitiated in case of Chronic Lesions. Symptoms usually get aggravated at Night (Pitta Time: 2200-0200).

Causes for Eczema would be (Modern Science is Unclear on exact Causes!) Carcinogens that have entered our Life (Right in our Kitchen, Preservatives, Dyes, Chemicals via Various Medicines with serious Side-Effects, Pressure Cookers, I have seen people having 2 days old Refrigerated food-Highly Carcinogenic!!), Allergies to various foodstuffs (Soy & GMo. Foodstuffs…). Studies have also pointed to Stress as a causative factor (Stress would Vitiate Vata & Dry out our System including Skin). Weak Immune System is Primary reason for any/all disorders!

Ayurvedic Causes for Dry-Itchy-Inflamed Skin-Eczema would be Abdominal Disorders-Accumulation of AMA in the body (Eating Meals prior previous one Digested). Stomach is not getting cleaned up (Constipation, Indigestion…). Eating Incompatible Foods (Virudh-ahaar) (Visit Antagonistic-Controversial Foods) Suppressing natural Urges, Shower or Heavy Work after meals, Eating heavy foods beyond your Metabolism at wrong Times (Buffalo Milk, Curd at night, Soy, Late Night Non-Veg Dinner), or Making Love after Dinner!!

Symptoms (for Dry-Itchy-Inflamed Skin-Eczema) are ‘Skin Inflammation’, ‘Dry-Itchy-Reddish Patches with Profuse oozing’, ‘Pus Cells-Boils-Pustule Formation’, ‘Severe Itching leading to Bleeding’, ‘Leathery Chronic Lesions’…

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 Natural-Home Remedies to Dry-Itchy-Inflamed Skin-Eczema:

  • Prevention is Better than Cure: Add a Bit of Turmeric to Black Sesame Oil, Cook it for a minute or two and use this oil for Body Massage for Twice a Week, Keep Skin Ailments at Bay!
  • Add a bit of Camphor (Kapoor) to coconut oil, warm it a bit, and apply it on the affected parts,
  • Add finely cut 1-2 cloves to A2-Desi Cow Ghee, warm it a bit and gently apply to the affected parts,
  • Crush ripe banana in lemon juice and apply on the affected parts,
  • Take 3-4 cloves of Garlic, Crush them, add a bit of turmeric (say, 1/4th – 1/5th of a teaspoon), warm the two in Mustard Oil (Say, around 60-100 mL), after few minutes take the mixture off the heat and allow it to cool down. Apply the prepared oil on the affected parts,
  • Apply Carom Seeds Oil (Ajwain, in Hindi) on affected parts,
  • Daily night, after early dinner: Add a Pinch or Two of Turmeric to a glass of Desi Cow (A2) Milk, Boil the Mixture for a Minute or Two, Take it off the Heat & Add 1-2 Tsp Desi (A2) Cow Ghee(The A-2 Type Milk), Drink It as Temperature becomes Bearable,
  • Mildly Rub Lemon Peels on Affected Parts,
  • In your daily routine, sweat as much as possible.
  • Take Lemon Juice and Basil Leaves Extract (Ratio of 1:1) & Apply them on the affected Parts.

Other Highly Effective Unconventional Remedies to Dry-Itchy-Inflamed Skin-Eczema (No Yuck Factor Involved!):

  1. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Silver (HVAC) + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Thrice a Day,
  2. Spray Colloidal Silver (HVAC) on Affected Areas few Times a day,
  3. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Copper (HVAC) + 2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Thrice a day (Not More than 7 Days at a Stretch, after which Twice a day & Then Once a Day),
  4. Baking Soda(strong alkalising agent): 2-3 Pinch (Depending on Severity) added to ½ a glass of hot-warm water + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon (Only During Day Time) taken Twice a day (Drastically Reduce intake of Salty-Sour Stuff except Lemon),         
  5. Liberally Use A2-Desi-Vedic Cow Ghee in Your Meals (Apply on Body Once-Twice a day) & Prepare food only using Black Sesame Oil,
  6. ½ Tsp A2 Ghee added to Hot Glass of Water Twice-Thrice a Day,
  7. Heat a Spoon on fire for a minute or two, shut off the fire, Pour A2-Desi cow Ghee on Hot Spoon (Preferably Herbalised), Ghee Melts, Use dropper to put 2 drops to each Nostril (Thrice a day) & Gently Massage Your Naval with Two-Five drops of Herbalised Cow Ghee prior going to Sleep,
  8. 3-4 Tsp 100% Pure Organic (only) Wheat Grain SproutsTwice a Day (1-2 Hours after Breakfast & Few Hours after Lunch) (Max. 6-8 Tsp/Day) (Do add Cucumber Liberally to cater to Hot Potency of Wheat Grain Sprouts),
  9. Pure Organic-0% Sugar added Honey (2 Tsp) + Finely Cut 1-2 cloves of fresh Garlic + 2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Twice a Day.

Favourable: Papaya, Indian Gooseberry (Awla), Lemon, Honey + Holy Basil (Tulsi), Garlic, Roasted Chana, Barley, Bitter Gourd, Coconut Oil, Neem (+ Neem Oil-Externally), Ghee, Aloe Vera. Use Natural Soaps-Lotions-Shampoos, Vamanam for Kapha (Stomach-Seat of Kapha), Purgation for Pitta (Small Intestine-Duodenum – seat for Pitta) and Enema for Vata (Large Intestine-Seat for Vata, Morning Sun Bathing, Moong Daal (Cooked in a Clay Utensil) + Black Pepper (2-3 Pinches) + 2 Tsp A2 Ghee.

Non-Favourable: Sour, Oily, Hot-Pungent-Spicy Food, White Sugar, Raw-Salt, Potato, Brinjal, Tea, Coffee, Slim-Fit Clothes. Don’t suffer from constipation and keep your stomach clean! Love-Making! (Hmm 3-5 Hours after Meals Can Do-After Digestion), Smoking, Alcoholism, Directly sitting under a Fan or AC or Blowing Air.

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom, and 15 minutes of Kapal Bhati in the Morning and Evening. 5-10 minutes of Naukasana may also be done in the morning. Please do not overstrain your body muscles. Also, Kunjal Kriya (Induced Vomiting, twice a week) is very beneficial.

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Caution: Please follow the advice after due Professional Medical Consultation. You accept that you are following any advice given anywhere in this website, after due diligence and at your own responsibility.

Say Yuck! If you have to, but very effective:

  1. Take 30-45 mL of Gaudhan Ark (Purified-Distilled Pure Desi Cow’s Urine – The A-2 Type), added to appropriate amount of water to make it comfortable to drink, and drink it prior going to sleep and in the morning, empty stomach,
  2. Enema with Black Sesame Oil.
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