Nourishing or Depleting of Doshas

The two types of Treatments are:

Nourishing (Also called Santarpana, Brahmana, Stoutening or Palliative Treatment) (Usually done with Earth and water) and Depleting (Apartarpana, Langhana, Thinning or Slimming) (Usually done with other elements than Earth & Water). 

Even the other treatments, Snehana (Lubrication), Rukshana (Dryness), Swedana (Inducing Sweat) and Sthambhana (With-holding), will either be Nourishing or Depleting to the body. 


This is administered to Emaciated, Dry, Debilitated & Vata Prominent People, Pregnant Ladies, or the ones who have delivered, very young/old, children or in Summers.

The persons wasted, wounded, lean, old, weak, constantly traveling on foot and indulged in women and wine and also in the summer are suitable for promoting therapy.  For those suffering from consumption, piles, disorders of Grahani and wasted by other similar diseases, the light meat soup of carnivorous animals is the best promoting one.   Bath, anointing, sleep, enema with sweet and unctuous (greasy feel) substances, sugar, milk and ghee are universal promoters.

This could be done by the use of Milk, Meat, Sugar, Ghee, Honey, Enema with sweet and/or fatty/creamy substances, Leisurely Sleep, Oil Massage, Bath, Happiness & Peace of the Mind.

Excess leads to Obesity, Diabetes, Fever, Enlargement of Abdomen, Fistula in Anus, Cough, Loss of Consciousness, Difficulty in breathing, AMA, Leprosy and other acute/chronic skin diseases. 

To cure these Excesses, treatments which reduce Vata and Kapha and given. Use of Honey Water, Pippali, Black Pepper, Purification therapy, Sleeping as less as possible, Trifula or Guduchi with Honey, Guggul, Shilajit, ‘Powder of Yava & Amalaki with Honey’. 

Barley and wheat are good for The Emaciated and The Obese, but prepared in a way, as is suitable for the both.

Langhana or Depletion of Doshas:

It is of two kinds, Purifactory (Forcing Doshas out forcible, Enema, Emesis, Purgation of Body/Head, and Blood letting) & Palliative (This doesn’t purges the Doshas or Excites them, just makes them normal; These are ‘Digestive, Carminative’; Producing Hunger; Physical Exercises; Exposure to Sunlight; and, Exposure to Breeze. 

This is administered to people suffering from Diabetes; AMA; Poor Digestive Fire; Excess Moisture/Water Retention; Fever; Stiffness of Thighs; Leprosy & Other skin diseases; Herpes; Abscess; Diseases of Spleen, Head, Throat & Eyes; Obesity; to Others During Winters.

The Roughening Therapy is indicated in diseases which are caused by Blocking of Channels; Strong Doshas and are Located in Vital Parts and in Urustambha (Stiffening of the Thighs) etc. 

With Langhana, one gets, active sense organs, Doshas & Dushyas get expelled out, One feels light, Increase in hunger and thirst at the same time, Purity of Heart (Throat & Mind), Reduction in the severity of the diseases, Enthusiasm, Activeness etc. Excess leads to emaciation. 

Excess of Langhana leads to Emaciation, Giddiness, Cough, Severe Thirst, Anorexia, Dryness, “Loss of Digestive Fire, Sleep, Vision, Hearing, Semen, Ojas, Voice”, “Pain in Urinary Bladder, Heart, Head, Calves, Thighs, Upper shoulders & Flanks”, Fever, Delirium, Belching, Exhaustion, Vomiting (With Blood, may be!), Non-Elimination of Faeces and Urine.

This could be done by the use of (or regular intake of) Pungent, Bitter and Astringent Articles, Sexual Acts and Use of Oil-Cakes, Buttermilk (+ Black Pepper) and Honey etc.  

Also drugs and measures consisting of liquid, thin, stable, cooling and having sweet, bitter and astringent tastes constitute the checking therapy.  Such Tastes are especially indicated in Pitta Disorders; Burns with Alkali and Fire; Vomiting; Diarrhoea; Excessive Application of Poisons and Sweating.

The Roughening or Checking Therapy should be regarded as Properly Administered when there is Proper Elimination of Wind, Urine and Faeces; Lightness in Body; Cleansing of Heart, Eructation, Throat and Mouth; Disappearance of Drowsiness and Exhaustion; Appearance of Sweat, Relish and both Hunger and Thirst Together; and also the Feeling of Well-Being. Disorders are Overcome and one gains Strength.

Excess of Langhana (or Reducing Therapy) leads to Pain in Joints, Body-Ache, Cough, Dryness of Mouth, Loss of Hunger, Anorexia, Thirst, Weakness of Hearing and Vision, Confusion of Mind, Frequent Eructation, Feeling of Darkness; Loss of Weight, Digestive Power and Strength.

The patient is afflicted with Dark Body Texture, stiffness in body parts, uneasiness, lockjaw, and obstruction in heart (function) and excretion of faeces.

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