Oils and Fats


I am listing few oils here which are often used in our households. Obviously, I keeping the Refined Oils out of this section and this website, and from my life, and so it should be (away) from your life too.

  • Tila (Sesame Seeds): Unctuous, Hot, Sweet, Bitter, Astringent, Pungent, Beneficial for Skin, Hair, Strength, Alleviates V, but if taken in excess, leads increasing K and P. Sweet with Subsidiary Astringent Taste, Penetrating, Hot, Readily Absorbed, Constipating, Anti- Diuretic and Promotes Intellect and Appetite.
  • Castor Oil (Arandi Oil): Sweet, Heavy, Relieves Vatarakta, Gulma, Heart Disease, and Chronic Fever. It is also a bit Tiqta and Ushna. It cures Vata, Kapha and Stomach Problems. It removes excess of Vata in the back-muscles. In excess, may aggravate Kapha.
  • Mustard Oil: Pungent, hot, Bitter, Adds to Raqta and Pitta, Diminishes V, K & Semen; Alleviates Itching & Urticarial Patches. Used as a preservative. Increases Digestive Juices in G.I.Tract.
  • Linseed Oil (Flax Oil): Sweet & Sour, Vipaka is Katu, Virya is Ushna. Pacifies Vata but Aggravates Pitta & Raqta.
  • Coconut Oil: Unctuous, sweet, aphrodisiac, coolant, easily digestible, relieves thirst, Pacifies Vata and Pitta, Appetiser, Cleanses Urinary Bladder.

Kapha prominent personalities should not have it (Thus, not good for obese persons).


Fats are of 4 types: Ghee, Oil, Muscle-Fat and Marrow.  “They are used for Internal Consumption, Massage, Enema and Snuff”. These fats promote Unctuousness, Vitality, Complexion, Strength & Development; and alleviate V, P and K. 

  • Ghee (Desi Cow (or Buffalo) Ghee) (Mostly for internal use, eating): It alleviates V, P, K, Poison, Insanity, Phthisis (A wasting disease, similar to Pulmonary TB), Inauspiciousness and Fever. Promotes Memory, Intelligence, Agni, Semen, Ojas and Medas. It is the best of all fats, is Cold, Madhura Rasa, Madhura Vipaka.
Old Desi Cow Ghee:

The Old – The Better, and The Old Cow’s Ghee Alleviates intoxication [alcoholic/ other], epilepsy, fainting, phthisis, insanity, poison, fever and pain in female genital tract, ear and head.

If Desi Cow Ghee is not available, one is forced to go for Pure Buffalo Ghee, but in very minimal quantity, as it is clearly mentioned, that Buffalo Ghee is only for those, who do Regular Exercises, and most of our time goes in A/C.

Also, Desi Cow Ghee has Amazing Medicinal Properties, and as such our Desi Cows must be nurtured and increased in number. This pure Desi Cow Ghee has a great role in various ailments getting cured. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/stayhealthytill70/?fref=ts My F/B Page, The Visitor’s Post Section, as to what all has already been taken care of.

Now, Ghee, if inappropriately taken, can increase Kapha Dosha in The Body. This is taken care of by having Hot Food with Ghee. Also Hot Water above Ghee, acts like a Nectar. Though, as explained, even the quantity of Hot water taken should not be more than a cup. One must also remember that, Taking Cold Water above Ghee acts like a Poison, and seriously obstructs The Body Channels. 

  • Butter (Home-made, by Churning Milk): It is Sweet and its Virya is cool & Vipaka is Sweet. Aphrodisiac, Improves Skin Lustre, gives Strength, Cures Vata, Pitta and blood related problems, TB, Piles and Eye diseases.
  • Muscle Fat: Hmmm, don’t use it, though, may be used for Unctuous Enema. 
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