Papaya Fruits – Peels – Seeds

Papaya Fruit – Peels - Seeds

Properties: Papaya Fruit is available, and should be eaten in and arouPapaya Tree - Fruit – Peels - Seedsnd Summer Time (As I Also say, we should always Consume Seasonal Stuff, and Not Stored-Warehoused for Months). As per Ayurveda, the best time to eat fruits is the Morning time, and definitely not in your dinner (Fruits are Sweet and Sweet Taste as per Ayurveda is Earth+ Water, with no fire component in it, and hence should be avoided after Sunset). They Pacify Vata & Pitta, and dissolve/Eliminate Vitiated Kapha.                                                                                                 This Fruit is Sattvic and Rajasic, Adds to Body Ojas and Has Alkalizing Action on The Body (Thus, Automatically Becomes Useful for High Bad Blood Cholesterol, Hyperuricemia, Arthritis, Heart & Lung Care).

Bio-Chemically: Composed of many Bio-Enzymes (Including Papain, which helps Digest Heavy Protein/s), Vitamins A (Thus, Good for Good Eye car – Vision), B-Complex, C, Lycopene (a pigment), Beta-Carotene, Folate-Folic Acid and Minerals. It has High Fibrous Content.

Medicinally, (The Pregnant women are not to have this fruit, though before pregnancy, it is great to consume this) The Fruit Has Great Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Properties.

Few Medicinal Uses (Papaya Fruit):

  • It reduces Blood Cholesterol (It is an anti-oxidant; The Reverse Action, called the Oxidation is what is Responsible for the Oxidation Reaction in the Body, which results in Blood Clogging/Cholesterol),
  • Stimulates Digestive Fire,
  • Helps keep Diabetes under control. The Sugar Content is Minimal (The Natural sugar, Fructose, is not much of a problem to digest, The problem is with the digestion of ‘The White Sugar’, which is pure form of Glucose and requires much work by body to digest),
  • Fighting Cancer: Make this a part of your daily Morning Breakfast,
  • Regulates Menstrual Cycles (Have it in the breakfast in decent quantities).
Papaya Seeds:

Bio-Chemically: They are Rich in Specific Enzymes, Rich in Oleic and Palmitic Acids (Cancer Prevention). I am not going into the Detailed Bio-Chemistry here (Formation of Isothiocyanates [O in R-N=C=O group substituted by Sulphur R-N=C=S] which are formed by Enzymatic Action on Metabolites [Glucosinolates] present in Plants…….

Medicinally: The seeds have Various Medicinal Benefits-Actions such as:

  • Helps Clear ‘AMA’ from Body, Effectively Detoxifies the Body. hence, it is effective in prevention of growth (or Elimination) of Cancer cells,
  • It is Especially Good for the Kidneys and Liver (even Liver Psoriasis) (Helps metabolise Proteins),
  • It Helps Clear Stomach/Intestinal Worms (As per studies/research),
  • Promotes Joints Health & is Anti-Inflammatory.

Papaya Seeds are consumed as:

  • ½ teaspoon of the seeds may be had (If can’t bite them, swallow them) in the morning with honey, to balance the bitter taste. (Or, may also use Dried Seeds Powder),
  • Dry-Crush the seeds, and sprinkle them on to your breakfast (or/and also lunch)! Store the powder, after the seeds have been properly dried in sun, and dried, in glass bottle (Glass is Silicon Dioxide, sand, a kind of soil, connect with soil, and not with plastics, You are eventually going to become soil only! The more close you stay to soil, the further away you shall keep from diseases!),

Here, I must mention, try to use more and more of ‘Mortar and Pestle’, and less of Electric Mixtures. The mixtures produce high temperature, and the micronutrients get killed!                                                                                                     Other thing to always keep in mind is not/never to consume anything grown Genetically. This applies to everything, including Papaya….                                 Seeds Tincture is also available. There are Homeopathic Facial Scrubs, which contain seeds extract.

Papaya Peels:

  1. It is Good for Lustrous Skin. (Actually, Raw Milk (Preferably, Pure Desi Cow Milk) is the best skin cleanser). Take Out Thin Peel of Papaya, Grate it, Add Few Drops of Coconut Oil, and You Have a Nice Natural Face Pack Ready.

Contra-Indications:                                                                                           To be Avoided during Pregnancy (They are Natural Estrogen).

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