Pineapple-अनानास-Ananas Comosus

Pineapple-अनानास-Ananas Comosus

Ayurvedic Properties-Gunas of Pineapple-अनानास-Ananas Comosus:  It is Sweet & Sour in Taste. It has good Unctuous Qualities & is Heavy to Digest. It has Cooling Potency (Virya) & Post Digestive Effect (Vipaka) is Sweet (Madhura). It has Strong Pacifying action on Vata (& Pitta Nashak) but in Excess may add to Kapha (Sprinkle Hand Ground Black Pepper!). If particular fruit-species is Sour & consumed in Non-Kapha (or Pitta) Times of The Day, in Excess it would Vitiate Pitta. It also has Astringent Properties (Contraction of Body Cells-Tissues)…
Please understand, due retention of nutritional properties, it is best to have it (or any fruit) as whole rather than in the form of juice. Also if due fruits consumption in the morning [Fruits must only be consumed in breakfast!) Kapha tends to get vitiated for you, Sprinkle Hand Ground Black Pepper & Small-Large Cardamom onto the Fruits.

Bio-Chemically: It is a rich source of many Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C…), Good Source of Minerals (Such as Copper, Folic Acid, Manganese, Potassium…& Traces of Sodium) & High Fibrous Content. It has various essential Bio-Organic Molecules (Beta-Carotene, Enzyme Bromelain which helps break down various proteins in the body-Along With Other Essential Functions in The Body; Essential Amino Acids, Essential Volatile Oils, Flavonoids…)…

How May We Consume Pineapple-अनानास-Ananas Comosus:

  1. Ripe-Whole-Cut Fruit (Do Sprinkle Hand Ground Black Pepper-Small-Big Cardamom),
  2. Hand Crushed Juice (Always give a skip to the machine pressed Juice),
  3. Leaves Extract (Anti-Glycaemic Properties),
  4. The Fruit Dried into the form of Powder or Tablets,
  5. Fruits are always to be consumed in the Morning-Breakfast Time…

Medicinal Properties: It is Anti-Microbial-Immune-Metabolic System Booster-Anti-Cancerous (As has high fibrous content, Aids Removal of AMA from the body-Due Rich Source of Vitamin-C, Intestinal Worms, Fevers, Debility, Convalescence, Obesity-Dissolves AMA-Excess Kapha in the Body), Digestive-Abdominal System (Constipation-High Fibrous Content, Purgative, IBS, Indigestion-Flatulence-Ripe Fruits Only, Anorexia, Constant Thirst, Ascites-Abnormal Build-up of fluid in Abdomen-Peritoneal Cavity-Add Pinches of Brihad Powder to Pineapple Leaves Decoction …), Circulatory System-Skin-Hair Health (Regulates Blood Pressure, Good Heart Health-Regulates Cardiac Rhythm [Rich Source of Potassium], Anti-Coagulant, Atherosclerosis, Tones Skin, Lustrous Hair), Respiratory System-Oral Health (Breathlessness, Cough & Cold, Sinusitis, Asthma, Loosening of teeth & Gums Retraction…), Eye-Vision Health (Rich Source of Vitamin-A) Bone Health (Anti-Inflammatory, Wound healing Properties, Helpful in Macular Degeneration [Due high in Anti-Oxidants & Vitamin-C] [Macula is at the Central Zone of Retina, has High Concentration of Photosensitive Cells, and is Responsible for Enabling Fine Vision Details]), Excretory-Reproductive System Health-Liver-Kidney Stimulant (Increases Fertility of Both Men & Women, Venereal Diseases, Renal Calculi, Dysmenorrhoea-Menstrual Cramps, Jaundice, Intermittent Urination-Sprinkle Long Pepper )…

Contra-Indications: In Excess may Vitiate Pitta & Kapha & would be highly detrimental to consume in late evening and/or after sunset. Pregnant Women (and People suffering from any Medical Condition including Lactating Mothers) are thus cautioned to avoid or have it under supervision or as advised by Practicing Nutritionist-Medical Practitioner. Juice of Unripe (Sour) Pineapples, especially Machine Pressed, may even lead to Uterine Muscle Contractions (Due Pitta Vitiating Properties)…
Due high in Potassium Content, Pineapple is best avoided (or under supervision) by Kidney Patients.

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a Medico-Legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Although I do my best to give you accurate and useful information, you should consult an appropriate Medical Professional before Trying out any of the above Information.

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