Talking from Physical Point of View, Purgation signifies inducing Bowel Movement, with or without the use of specific Herbs. Administered in case of Vitiation of Pitta alone or Pitta along with other doshas, such that Pitta is predominant. Primarily deals with Small Intestine. Virechana (OR Purgation) heals poisoning, vomiting, spleen diseases, abscesses, blindness, cataracts and other eye problems, colon pain, and colitis. Purgation is not recommended for those who have recently received a decoction enema, have hardened faeces, suffer from TB, and are greatly lubricated.

For  those  who  have  not  had  Vamana  (emesis), there are 3 days of Snehapana (Consumption of Oil), followed by 3 days of  body  Oleation  and  sudation  before  beginning Virechana (purgation). 

Purgative Drugs-Herbs: Trifula, Shankh Pushpi, Nilini, Dugdha and Mutra (Mutra of only Desi Cow).

Suitable For:

Kushtha (skin diseases), fever, small pox, Prameha (diabetes/ urinary disorders), upward internal haemorrhage, fistula-in-ano, Udara (abdominal disease, including tumours), piles, splenomegaly, Gulma, tumour, goitre, glands, Vishuchika (Cholera), Alasaka [indigestion], suppression of urine, helminthiasis, erysipelas, anaemia, headache, pain in sides, udavarta, piles, burning sensation in eye and mouth, heart disease, oozing from eye, nose and mouth, dyspnoea, cough, jaundice, epilepsy, insanity, Vatarakta, defects of female genital tract, defects of semen, defects of vision, anorexia, indigestion, vomiting, oedema, Udara-roga etc. specially the Pitta type disorders. Discoloured patch on the face, chronic fevers etc. In these disorders purgation is the most important measure and works like a Fire extinguisher.

Un-Suitable For:

Recent Fever, Poor digestive fire, bleeding diseases of downward trend, wounds, ulcers of the rectum, diarrhoea, foreign bodies, those who have been given decoction enema, those of hard bowel movement, greatly lubricated and suffering from jaundice.

After the person has undergone Oleation, Sweating Therapy, and Emesis, he should be given The Purgation Therapy after the expiration of morning Kapha Prominent Time (Obviously after determining the state of his Doshas / GI Tract).

If the nature of Alimentary Tract is soft, with predominance of Pitta, even milk would cause purgation; In case of Vata, Hard Alimentary Tract/Abdominal Region, even strong drugs like Shyama (Basil), or Castor Oil (in hot water), cause purgation with difficulty. Please Note:

  • If Vata is predominant, purgation should be done with drugs having unctuous, hot & Salty qualities;
  • If Pitta is predominant, purgation should be done with astringent and sweet (tastes) drugs;
  • If Kapha is predominant, purgation should be done with pungent (taste) drugs.

If bouts of purgation do not commence, one should drink Hot Water, and fomentation to be done with warm palms. For weaker people or those with dry Alimentary Tract, Oleation & Swedana is done for a week or a bit more, after which Purgation is done. 

Vata prominent people, those with High Digestive Fire, or again dry alimentary canal, it is experienced, the purgation procedure does not produce the desired result, and the purgatives are being digested/absorbed prior their action, Enema is done prior purgation.

Mild Purgatives: Boiled Milk + Ghee; Trifula with warm water; Boiled Milk with Ghee & Cinnamon.

Strong Purgatives: Castor Oil, or Castor Oil & Trifula taken in the ratio of 1:2 taken in hot water.

Also, 3-7 days of Oleation (Internal & External); followed by Vamana, and then, Virechana. Best season is late spring to early summer. After Purgation, Oleation is again preferred.

Post Virechana (Purgation): Rice & Lentil Pulse (Dal) Soup.

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