Ready Reckoner: Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes Applicable to Most (If Not All) Disorders

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Please understand, this website is in no way substitution for the ‘Professional Medical Help’. In the same breath, I wish to re-iterate that Ayurvedic Scriptures state that if we understand a bit about our body and about what we eat or drink, as high as 75% (+) of diseases can be taken care of to a large extent. This obviously does not consider the Congenital-Genetic Disorders.

Now, following Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes are applicable to most (if not all) disorders and must be as strictly adhered to as practicable. The Eating Habits–Lifestyle Changes to be followed are:

  • Usha Paan – Morning empty stomach water, such that the night saliva goes inside the body. Please do not take any of the drinks, including water along with smoke!
  • Fruits to be taken only in breakfast, not later than 1230 Hrs!
  • Avoid Curd – Go only for Butter Milk – Add Black pepper, rock salt etc,
  • Take dinner as early as possible, preferably never later than 1930 Hrs (0730PM),
  • Cook food in open utensils, if not possible, especially pulses, dip overnight in water, so minimal time is required to cook in pressure cookers, which anyway are big culprit for most of our conditions. Try cooking with whistle removed, if possible,
  • No water 40 minutes before meals and 1.5 hours after meals, for cases hike hyperacidity, ulcers (Aggravated Pitta Related) etc., I would state there the modification to this. For most other problems, please do not take room temperature, cold or chilled water with meals,                                         Watch this Video to know the theory behind it:           
  • If possible use only A-2 type milk, or Pure Desi Cow Milk, or else go for toned or double toned, do not take the heavy full cream milk,
  • If possible go only for Pure Desi Cow (A-2 type), else go for buffalo ghee, but definitely not for jersey, genetically mutated cow’s ghee,
  • Completely discard Refined oils, use only Black (or white) Sesame oil or Mustard oil (Filtered and Un-Processed),
  • Discard white salt, go only for rock salt,
  • Discard white sugar, go only for organic sugar, like jaggery,
  • Discard consumption of Soya-Bean,
  • No Soft Drinks, or fine wheat flour stuff, like Pizza or Burger,
  • Proper Mastication, such that food dissolves in your mouth, with the saliva, as much as possible.

For Detailed Explanation to each one of above points, visit posts under following category (Right Here, In This Website!): Lifestyle & Eating Habits.

Videos Explaining Many of Above Points May be Found on My You-Tube Channel: You-Tube Channel: StayHealthyTill70

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