Scientific-Homeopathic-English Names for ‘Useful Ayurvedic Herbs’

Few Scientific-Homeopathic-English Names for ‘Useful Ayurvedic Herbs’ (Along with Hindi Names): There are too many of Homeopathic Medicines to be listed at one place. Idea is if Ayurvedic Herb/Powder/Churna/Ark is not available, one may go for Homeopathic Tinctures. Few Homeopathic Medicines useful in peculiar disorders and good to keep handy would follow in next post…

  1. Abelmoschus Moschatus (Ambretta seeds, Musk mallow, कस्तूरी पौधा, मुश्कदाना in Hindi).
  2. Acacia Arabica (Blue wattle, बबूल, in Hindi).
  3. Acacia Intsia (Ginger, अदरक in Hindi).
  4. Aegele Marmelos (Bael Fruit, Leaves, श्रीफल, बेल in Hindi).
  5. Acalypha Indica (Indian Acalypha, हरित मञ्जरी, कुप्पीखोखली, in Hindi).
  6. Alfalfa (Alfalfa, अल्फला in Hindi).
  7. Aloe Vera (एलोवेरा in Hindi).
  8. Areca Catechu (Betelnut, सुपारी in Hindi).
  9. Aristolochia Bractiata (Snake Root, ईश्वर मूल in Hindi).
  10. Azadirachta Indica (Margosa, नीम in Hindi).
  11. Boswellia Speciea (Frankincense, गुग्गुल in Hindi).
  12. Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola Leaf, ब्राह्मी in Hindi).
  13. Cinnamomum (Cinnamonum Ceylanicum, Cinnamon, दालचीनी in Hindi).
  14. Commiphora Myrrh (Myrrh, लोहबान in Hindi).
  15. Datura Alba Nees (Datura Mettle, धतूरा in Hindi).
  16. Eclipta Alba Hassall (False Daisy, भ्रिंगराज in Hindi).
  17. Embelia Ribes Burm (False Black pepper, विडंग in Hindi).
  18. Ferula Asafoetida (Asafoetida हींग).
  19. Ficus Carica (Common Fig, गूलर का फूल, अंजीर in Hindi).
  20. Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licourise, Calamus, नद्यपान, मुलेठी in Hindi).
  21. Grapeseed Tincture.
  22. Gymnema Sylvestre (Periploca of the woods, गुरमार in Hindi).
  23. Lippia Nodiflora (Frog Fruit, Creeping Lip Plant, जल बूटी(& Jalpapli) in Hindi).
  24. Mimosa Pudica (Touch me Not, लाजवंती, छुई-मुई in Hindi).
  25. Miswaak Roots (Botanical Name Salvadora persica,  मेस्वाक, पिलु पीलू in Hindi).
  26. Myristica Fragrans (Nutmeg, जायफल in Hindi).
  27. Nardestachis Jatamanshi (Spikenard, जटामांसी in Hindi).
  28. Ocimum Sanctum (or Ocimum tenuiflorum) (Holy Basil, तुलसी in Hindi).
  29. Phylanthus Amarus (Black Catnip, भूई आंवला in Hindi).
  30. Piper Longum (Long Pepper, मरिच, पिप्पली in Sanskrit, पिपली in Hindi).
  31. Strychonas Nux Vomica (Poison Nut, कुचला in Hindi).
  32. Syzygium Jambolanum (Black Plum, काले बेर in Hindi).
  33. Terminalia Arjuna (White Marudah, Arjun Tree, अर्जुन in Hindi).
  34. Tinospora Cordifolia MT (Guduchi, गिलोयin Hindi).
  35. Tribulus Terrestris (Calthrops, Puncture Vine, गोखरू in Hindi).
  36. Withania Somnifera (Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha, अश्वगंधा in Hindi).

The benefits and usage of various Ayurvedic Herbs (Medicinal, and general purpose, available OTC) are and shall be explained/mentioned elsewhere on this Website.  If you do need an Ayurvedic Herb (Not Mentioned Here) for your treatment, and are not sure about the authenticity of the Herb-Herbal Medicine available in the market, visit ‘This Page’ (‘or Google’) , get the corresponding Scientific Name, visit Homeopathic shop, and ask for the corresponding Mother or if you get, Herbal Tincture.

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