Ayurvedic Smoking

Smoking! What! I am talking of Ayurvedic Smoking, i.e. we inhale the smoke from Ayurvedic Herbs, only through our Nose (Gaumay Dhoop would do the trick!). This will prevent any onset of diseases for the body parts above shoulder, due Vitiation of Kapha & Vata. The inhaling also cures the diseases which have already arisen! Again. This may be Mild (For Vata), Medium (For Vata & Kapha together), and Strong (For Kapha).

The inhaled smoke should be exhaled only through the mouth, if done so through nose, it results in loss of vision.

Beneficial Herbs:

Smoke Strength Useful Herbs-Drugs
Mild Strength Aguru, Guggulu, Mushta, Kumkuma, Yava, Til, and many more.
Medium strength Shallaki, Barks Of Nyagrodha, Yashtimadhu (Licourise), Kushtha and many more…
Strong Strength Dashmula, Trifula and drugs with strong fragrance.
Benefits of Smoking:

Beneficial in Cough, Dyspnoea, Rhinitis, Disorders of Voice, Bad smell (of nose & mouth), Pallor (of the face), Disorders of Hairs; Discharges, irritation/Itching, Pain & Numbness of ears, mouth & Eyes; Stupor & Hiccups.

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Author: Manoj

My Research on Ancient (But Highly Intelligent & Advanced) Studies-Ayurveda & So Called Modern Studies (!!) has brought me literally back from Dead! Quit my sailing job in 2009 due Serious Medical Conditions (Severe Vision Loss, Severe Haemorrhoids, Severe Depression...), But few incidences (Rajiv Dixit CD's, Fatal Ailments Getting Cured at High End Ayurveda Ashrams, Khongress Leaders Going to Ayurveda Ashram!!!!!!!) Prompted me towards 'Dedicated & Devoted Studies of The Greatest (Ancient-Original) Medical Science-Ayurveda'.