Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana

Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana

Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana or ‘Ayurvedic Herbal Smoking’ simply implies inhaling the smoke from Ayurvedic Herbs (Burnt) only through our Nose (Such as smoke from a burnt Desi Cow Dung Dhoop or Gaumay Dhoop). This prevents onset of Vata-Kapha vitiated disorders above shoulder. The inhaled ‘Specific Herbal Smoke’ also might be helpful in disorders which have already arisen!
The Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana may be Mild (For Vata Disorders), Medium (For Vata-Kapha Disorders), and Strong (For Kapha Disorders).
The inhaled smoke should only be exhaled through mouth lest it may lead to vision-nasal disorders and more…

Beneficial Herbs:

Smoke Strength Useful Herbs-Drugs
Mild Aguru, Guggulu, Mushtha, Kumkuma, Yava, Til, and many more.
Medium Shallaki, Barks Of Nyagrodha, Yashtimadhu (Licourise), Kushtha and many more…
Strong Dashmula, Trifula and drugs with strong fragrance.

Few other general purpose herbs could be Mint (Pudina), Neem, Manjishtha, Bay Leaves (May be grown in a Home Garden or even a Pot), Indian Bdellium (Guggulu) and most important ingredient would be A2-Indian Desi Cow Ghee…

Benefits of Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana:
Beneficial in Kapha Vitiated Digestive Disorders (Such as Hiccups…), Respiratory Disorders (Clears Sputum in Nasal-Throat passage, useful in Cough, Dyspnoea-Difficulty in Breathing, Rhinitis-Irritation-Inflammation of Nasal Mucous Membrane, bad Smell-Due AMA in Nasal-Oral Passage…),  Disorders of Voice, Pallor-Pale Face, Hair Disorders (Greying & Falling) [Please understand the temperature of a Cigarette Bud is as high as 400 Degree Celsius which goes as high as 850 Degree Celsius while we puff on it => Pitta-Vata is bound to get vitiated; Whereas, while using Hookah, the smoke passes through water, thus cools down and does not vitiate Pitta or Vata], Eyes-Ear-Oral Cavity Disorders (Irritation, Inflammation, Discharge/s, Numbness… of Eyes-Ears-Oral Cavity), Neural-Mental Disorders (Such as Headaches-Migraines, Stupor-Near Unconsciousness-Insensibility…)…
Finally, Ayurvedic Smoking-Dhumapana could be helpful in ridding Regular High Temperature-Chemicals Laden-Toxic Cigarettes…

Contra-Indications: People with any Medical Condition (Especially Respiratory Related) would do best to avoid any/all kind of Smoke & consult your Physician-Doctor.

The above information is not a Medico-Legal advice. The information above is not intended to diagnose-treat-cure… any disease and you may use the above information at any/which way at your own risk and with own responsibility.

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