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Sugars: All sugars cure burning sensation, Thirst, Vomiting, Fainting and Bleeding Diseases. Few Natural Sweeteners are:

  • Sugarcane Juice, produced naturally, at Natural Speed (And not by a Machine): Its Rasa is Sweet, and its Virya & Vipaka is cold. Is Aphrodisiac, Laxative, Unctuous and Bulk- Promoting.

The juice taken out by a machine is acidic in nature, and instead of cooling has an opposite effect.

  • Jaggery: Produces Blood, Muscle, Fat & Marrow. If not cleaned properly during preparation, or if eaten in excess, may give rise to lots of worms in the body.
Sources of Sweet - Jaggery
The Natural Sweeteners
  • Sugar obtained from Jaggery (Organic or Brown Sugar): It is Aphrodisiac, beneficial for the wounded and is Unctuous.

Honey (Madhu) (V+P-K-): Honey may be derived in various ways. Honey aggravates Vata, Is Heavy, Cold, Alleviates Disorders of Raqta-Pitta and Reduces Kapha (Very Effective – If Pure – In Handling Kapha Related Disorders);

Note: Honey is useful in small quantity as it is Heavy, Rough, Astringent & Cold.

It is Union-Promoting, Expectorant, Rough (Non-Unctuous), Astringent, and Sweet. It is a natural form of sweetener, and more than 65% contains Fructose and Glucose. This also has Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties. The Anti-Microbial properties help in quick healing of wounds, used Externally or Internally.

It is good for Eye Sight, Obesity (Breaks up excess Kapha in the Body), Relieves Thirst. Relieves Poison, Hiccup, Bleeding Diseases, Diabetes, Leprosy & Other Skin Diseases, Worms, Vomiting, Dyspnoea, Cough, Diarrhoea, Cleanses, Unites & Heals Wounds.

This is a good source of Vitamin-C, Calcium and Iron; which is found to be completely absent in the White Sugar (The Processing removes/kills the nutrients). It also consists of Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats, Enzymes, Amino Acids and also some Bio-Organic Aromatic substances. It is Anti-Oxidant, and removes free radicals from the body.

Honey is a good vehicle to deliver many medicines to affect appropriate Organs-Tissues.

Few Medicinal Benefits (Of Honey):

  • To Reduce Fats/Kapha of the body: Honey + Lemon Juice or Honey + Cinnamon.
  • Hair Loss, Preventing Baldness: Apply Externally, Individually, or, A mixture of Honey + Curd (3 tea-spoon each), or, A mixture of Honey + Lemon Juice (3 tea-spoon each).
  • Dandruff followed by Hair Loss: Use mixture of Honey + Onion Juice (3 tea-spoons each).
  • Eye Sight: A glass of Carrot Juice + 2-3 spoons of Honey + Black Pepper, once or twice a day.

Honey kills, if used after heating it, and by those suffering from great heat, used during hot season, hot country, or with hot foods. Why so, is that Honey includes Nectar of various flowers, and few of them might well be poisonous. Now, any poison has Ushna or Hot properties. These properties might get highly aggravated, when honey is heated or added to hot articles; Hence, the precaution.

But, does no harm when taken with warm water to induce vomiting, or for Enema Decoction.

Finally, ‘Ayurveda’ Specifies Honey to be of Eight Types (Broadly):

  • Makshikam: Collected by Large Bluish Bees, is Light & Dry, Effective against Vata-Kapha & Kapha Ailments. Effective against Eye ailments, Hepatitis, Haemorrhoids & Respiratory Disorders (Use with Lemon),
  • Bhraamaram: Made by The Smaller Bees, it is Sticky & Whitish. Effective for Raqta-Pitta (Like Vomiting of Blood), UTI’s, Digestive Ailments…
  • Kshoudram: Made by Medium Sized Brown Bees. Kapha Related Ailments (Especially Diabetes – Use with Lemon),
  • Pauthikam: (V+K-) Made by Small Bees living in Hollows of Old Trees. Kapha Related Ailments (UTI’s, Diabetes & Even Tumours),
  • Chathram: Made by Brown-Yellow Bees found in Forests of Himalayas. Worm Infestations (Blood Vomiting), Indigestion & Diabetes,
  • Aardhyam: Made by Yellow Bees. Eye Ailments, Respiratory (Cough) & Blood Related Ailments (Blood Ailments),
  • Ouddalakam: (Small Brown Bees living on Ant Hills) (Astringent) Effective for Skin Ailments, Taste Buds & Voice, Leprosy, Intoxication…
  • Daalam: (Dry) Good for Abdominal & Digestive Problems, including Diabetes (+ Lemon + Black Pepper).
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